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Friday, 29 July 2016

About The "Mystery" Books

So, I was asked: "Why don't you actually tell people your books are currently all available at reduced prices?"
I think I must have stared blankly.  I thought I had.

That's age!

Let me explain because I should have done so way back.

The Red Paper: Canids is over 40 years of work and research compressed into one fully illustrated and referenced volume.  For that reason the normal price is a piddling £20.00.  However, back in May I reduced the cover price for a limited time to £10.00 and my intention is not to keep it that low much longer since it is a 50% discount! 

And the Truth About Spring Heeled Jack was discounted to more than 50%. It will cost you £7.00 rather than the normal £15.00.

Some Things Strange & Sinister is over 300+ pages and fully referenced, illustrated and opening up files I'm accumulated over 40 years.  Normally the book would cost £25.00 but is currently on sale for £15.00!

Some More Things Strange & Sinister, again, is 40 years worth of work and another big volume that should be £25.00 but is currently £15.00.

Pursuing the Strange & Weird: A Naturalist's Viewpoint, again, incorporates decades of work and opinion into a volume that, normally, should cost you £20.00 but is currently only £15.00. So, another bargain!

These reductions were all made specifically for readers of this blog and there is a cut off point of mid-August.  Everything goes back to the normal price because giving the books away isn't the plan!

Having just checked -I did announce these were special offers in May.  So, I'm not as senile as I first thought!

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