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Monday, 25 July 2016

There Is A Robin In My Garden....And He KNOWS He Is The Boss!

They reckon a robin can live 1-2 years. 


'Experts' -"X" =Unknown and "spurt" is a drip under pressure.

"Sparrowhawks will not chase birds in hedges!"/ "Sparrowhawks do not come back to retrieve what is left of a dead bird"/ "You will not find Jackdaws, Rooks or Crows living in close proximity to one anothers nests!" -witnessed and noted all of this.  "No. It was not a Peregrine falcon on your fence!" It was 8 feet (just over 2m) away in bright sunshine and the nesting area of the Avon Gorge is not a couple minutes flight from where I lived.

"Experts" read a lot of books but seem to hardly do any observational work of their own.

*There is a cafe in Park Street, Bristol where a greying old robin comes down to tables and he was there for more than 5 years (not been there in a year so not sure if it is still there). 

*The one in our garden has been here more than six years and it is the same bird. 

*Someone else I know had a ringed robin (bird that had a ring put on its leg in the nest) come into her garden for over 8 years. How did she know it was the same one? Same number on the ring that also had an odd blue stain on part of it. She saw it first when her grand daughter was born and the last time after the grand daughters 8th birthday.

The one in my garden is an old grey-wing now and I wish my camera was better but...

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