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Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Greys and Alien Abductions -Hopkins, Mack and Definitely Jacobs Got It Wrong

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I need to explain WHY I think Budd Hopkins and John Mack got it wrong and why David M. Jacobs has gone just plain crazy on alleged alien abductions.

I'll not go into great detail as that is in my next book From Beyond Time & Space but....

Everyone who sees a light in the sky is an abductee.  Fifty or one hundred people watch a UFO and they have all been abducted?  According to Jacobs yes.   Jacobs and Hopkins, the Wise Men of abduction research, sat down and were happy to estimate that 2% of the Earths human population had been abducted. So, in 2013 the human population was around 7.125 billions so 2% means one hundred forty-two million five hundred thousand people on Earth are abductees.  And if you marry an abductee and have kids then those kids will become abductees.

Utter bull-shit.  I have observed 'UFOs' at fairly close proximity on several occasions (I am not talking about alien craft here) -the same thing hundreds of thousands of other observers have seen and which Jacobs and Hopkins call "UFO sightings".  

On the first occasion I was packing my suitcase to go on holiday when I saw the quite large object. I was also watching a movie on TV -fumbling for my camera in the case I turned and object was gone. The scene in the movie was still playing out and my clock showed less than a minute had passed. I "saw a UFO" -and was NOT abducted

On two consecutive Saturday nights I stepped from a bus in the country area I lived and looking up, some distance off was a "UFO" -same colour, shape, etc., each time. I thought I needed to get the bus driver as a witness but as I turned I tripped, looked up. Object gone. So walked across the road and into where I lived and hardly three minutes had elapsed.  The second time the object vanished as I turned to ask the driver the time and point it out.  Again, 10-15 seconds. I saw a UFO on two weekends and was NOT abducted

When I lived in a block of apartments and had my best ever view of a "UFO" and observed it for around ten minutes I was not abducted.  How do I know? When the object first appeared I had the radio on and the 05:00hrs radio news was on.  The radio was on the window shelf next to my clock.  The University clock tower chimed 05:00hrs. I noted times for movements the object made and also kept an eye on the horizon as it was dawning.  I can account for EVERY minute of the sighting. 

On other occasions -ditto.

I have interviewed so many people who saw UFOs -some hovering over their houses, in the streets outside their houses or passing near their cars. Because I had heard of what I termed "Time Lapse" cases the one thing I always asked about and focussed on was duration of sighting.  It is the most basic question you ask to offer possible explanations (aircraft, satellite, meteors etc). No very odd periods of time missing.  In fact, times were confirmed in many cases by other witnesses or family who stated "He arrived home same time as usual but a bit shaken".  These UFO witnesses were not abducted by aliens.

I talked to pilots -military and civil. Some carrying passengers on their aircraft.  They saw UFOs but were not abducted by aliens.  Even in the 1970s and 1980s if an aircraft did not respond it was investigated by people on the ground or interceptor aircraft.  UFO sightings and every minute accounted for because the pilots wanted to know WHAT they had seen and knew if they reported the event they had better have everything written down including times.

You see how Jacobs' theory -or "it is a fact"- falls to pieces.  Go through UFO literature. Jacobs is quite literally throwing everything out the window because, as he states he is the "only one" who understands what is going on.

Aliens can mind-scan abductees to see what they have been doing since the last abduction.  They can "upload" information to abductee minds -even though they can only remember some of it. Hybrids scan abductee minds and control them -as do hubrids.  So why, after generations, are the ultimate end product, the super mind hubrids such dumb-asses.  Seriously, they do not know how to rent an apartment and when they do they live there as a group (are they “special needs”?). 

They need help with getting furniture they bought back to their apartment.  These super intelligent, mind controlling hubrids are such dumb-asses that they cannot drive a car or own one -they mentally command an abductee to stop what they are doing and drive to transport things.  Money.  These super intelligent folk cannot understand the decimal system of currency. If they can float abductees in and out of buildings in cities why can they not move furniture in that way?  Why buy stuff for the house when you can just ‘abduct’ it from a store and put it straight into your home?

We really have not, as a planet, attracted the galaxy's finest.

Taught everything from when little hubrids and as they grow up and reach adulthood mental retardation sets in. 

It falls to pieces and despite Jacobs screaming at us I am afraid that if you keep insisting that Mr Floppy the pet bunny rabbit is in fact a rhinoceros and there is an end to it....well,Mr Floppy is not the problem.

But then we have an even more ludicrous angle.  

A gradual take-over because, as Jacobs has stated over and over again like some evangelist on a super high: these aliens are totally unstoppable.  "Don't even try -nothing you can possibly do!".  Well, no, a gradual generation by generation slow build up to taking over the Earth really does not make sense at all. Not using even the worst logic going.

Their technology to enter buildings undetected.  Control human minds.  By-pass or stop security alarms, CCTV and even cameras. Their craft can move about invisibly, cross the vast reaches of space, pick up cars and large trucks and no one other than the abductee knows this is going on. Well, I would guess that within an hour they could send "Greys" or whatever into every single military or governmental facility and mind control every human there and disarm the military and control politicians.  Absolutely no one anywhere can stop them.  “We are in control.  This is our planet now. You are….” I think you need to put your own words there –“slaves”?

 Image result for 1898 Navy Ironclad
An 1898 US Navy ship -the "opposition" to Aliens.

This is what Jacobs seems to not realize.  No, they are taking more than a century (in fact over two hundred years) to rape or have their females impregnated -or female abductees being raped by male abductees- and abducted many millions to breed super intelligent half-wits. 

In 1898 the Greys or Insectalians or whatever the hell they are could have taken over the Earth.  Full stop.  We had hot air balloons, a few airships, Gatling guns, Gardner guns, breech-loading artillery, some Iron-clad naval vessels…still a lot of cavalry.  Basically, we were not even very well organised ants : we had one empire fighting or struggling against another in the name of a queen, emperor, king or despot. What you might call a “walk in-take over” scenario. But no.

 Image result for 1898 Gardner gun
More "oposition" -US Gatling guns -1898 Spanish-American war

Jacobs, and again, those who have allegedly read his work and support it, cannot see just how absurd all of this is? How one thing contradicts another?  That it is just sheer nonsense?

Roswell alien craft crash.  Never happened.  "Foil and a rope" in the FBI telegram that kicked this all off.  Not good for interplanetary travel really.  What Roswell debris is held in the US National Archives and has been filmed?  Exactly what the telegram stated.  No craft, no alien bodies just a huge money spinner.  Aurora UFO crash. We know that was a newspaper hoax to try to revive a dying town. It was a hoax and proven to be a hoax.  Money spinner.

Image result for flatwoods monster
Flatwoods 1952 landing (go look it up) has become so distorted since the 1990s because it is a money-spinner. To hell with the actual real incident let's make stuff up!

The same old faces popping up on TV telling us the "truth" about UFOs are feeding us lines and making money and securing their places as "personalities".

What is going on regarding abductions is sticking out in the literature like a ten feet high sore thumb. But either those involved are blind, ignorant or just do not want that truth. This is what I will be looking at in the book.

Fiction has taken over from fact.  People love the fiction: millions being abducted, government cover ups and Disclosure (after 16 years of "Next year" I think it fair to say there is no such thing as "full Disclosure" coming -of what?) and every ghost story involving evil dark entities, demons, the Devil (he is very busy apparently) and so many claimed, by alleged paranormal 'experts', portal/entrances to and from Hell that you are less likely to find the toilet door in your own house.

We need to get rid of the things that purely obfuscate...everything.  There may well be occasional visitations by aliens but who would know? We need to push this "Greys" nonsense out of the way and those people continuing to promote it need to be treated for what they are.  Frauds.  Delusional or really unaware of what they are really dealing with.

And the genuine "abductees" need help and support and are NOT "crazy".  Ask Ruth.

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