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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Chinese In Roman Britain, Ancient Roman statue head and Chinese Coins in America and Roman Coins In Japan

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Now, for decades (me since the 1970s) old time "mystery" researchers have talked and written about ancient Chinese seals found in the UK as well as the fact that there was much further trade via shipping than "dogma historians" claim (because they are only taught and allowed to think what their teachers were allowed to and question anything you were regarded as a crank).

Roman statuette in the United, this would be too long a post!

But Chinese here in this period? Why not? "Indo European" and other more Western mercenaries were used by China to defend itself and Celts served with Egyptian, Roman and North African armies and the Vikings, Phoenicians and other sea farers sailed all over the place.

After all, the Irish, Welsh and others got to the Americas well before Colombus (who probably purchased his map from Bristol)

According to BBC News Online and you can hear more here :

Skeleton find could rewrite Roman history

23 September 2016

Two skeletons have been discovered in a London graveyard which could change our view of the history of Europe and Asia.

Analysis of the bones, found in a Roman burial place in Southwark, discovered that they dated to between the 2nd and 4th Century AD and were probably ethnically Chinese.

Dr Rebecca Redfern, curator of human osteology at the Museum of London, told BBC Radio 4's The World at One the find was "the first time in Roman Britain we've identified people with Asian ancestry" and it was "absolutely phenomenal".

You seeing the link here? Roman coins in Japan. Chinese people in Roman Britain?

Or the Roman statue head found in New Mexico in 1933?  Controversy still rages on how it got there but get there it did and pre-Columbus.

You can read about it on, ahem, Wikipedia but look at the work of people such as Vinbcent H. Gaddis.


(1) This is an extended and revised version of a paper presented by Romeo H. Hristov and Santiago Genovés T. at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeology in New Orleans, LA, April 22, 2001)

NEVER dismiss our ancestors as Hollywood style dullards -ask why a New World fruit such as a pineapple is on a mural in ancient Pompeii.  According to one theory to explain the fruit away the Roman artists were just dumb and wanted to add foliage to...pine cones. Idiocy like that is why we refer to "Lost History" -history perverted to the educational dogma to which anyone who wants to be someone in academia accepts.


Pine cone? Odd everything else is reproduced correctly.

“A large cache of Chinese bronze coins and a bronze mirror dating from 1200 BC have been found in Victoria BC. A Chinese stele (inscribed stone marker) has been reported at the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Along the northwest coast, many other hoards of Chinese coins and artefacts have been found. When the first white settlers arrived in the Columbia River area, they saw that the Wishram Indians had thousands of old Chinese coins that they had received from Chinese sea traders.

Chinese stone anchors of pre-Columbian origin have been discovered along the west coast down to California. Peanuts, a New World crop, have been found in Pre-Columbian sites in Zhejian (Chekiang) province in China dating from 2100 and 1811 BC.”

Always -always- use your own mind and research everything yourself!

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