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Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Golden Years of Investigation and Research Are Over. The Bunko Boys Now Rule

1978/79 RAF Manston, Kent.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel nostalgic occasionally and sit back and think "I enjoyed the Cold War.  It was fun"?

Me then?

Look at me...look at that shirt collar!!  So young. Nose still not quite "lumped out" yet. And hair. Ahem. You know what I miss about the 1970s-1990s?  The chasing and climbing.  There was a lot of chasing odd lights across fields, over rooves and while seated as a passenger in a car that just avoided colliding with a bus. Even up the highest rock conveyer belt in Europe.

Monsters. All sizes. All types.  The weird stuff.  That's the difference today.  About 99.9% of what you see on TV shows and read in books is fake.  Made up or simply ignoring the actual facts to continue a 'mystery'.  People wanting to self promote and earn big money from TV and books rather than seriously investigate and research a case.

We lost our way. No one really cares about finding any real evidence of possible alien landings, of unidenbtified sea creatures or any mystery creature.  Why should they?  It's all better on the TV in the comfort of your living room.  You don't have to go out in the cold and wet or hot sun.  Just sit there snacking, belch or fart and say "Course it's real -I saw it on TV. There!"

Ivan T. Sanderson, Donald E. Keyhoe, Roy Mackal -any number of other pioneers of investigation into the unexplained and strange- would despair today. They travelled jungles, swamps, mountains, down rivers, across seas and more to get to locations and investigate.

And what do we have today?

The internet.  Everything at our finger-tips.  "Hey, Terry -have you heard about this?" or "Hey, Terry -there was a sighting of something weird...."  No. Thousands of you out there reading this blog and nothing. But I'm betting a lot of you do check out all the fake Bigfoot, monster, UFO, ghost and other excretia on You Tube?

Have we really seen the end of true investigation and research?  Are we really in the age where it's better to watch You Tube fakery and TV fakery -and read and listen what the flim-flam men write and say and buy their books?  Pay them to fake, distort and out-rightly lie to us?

I do not want to contribute material that helps that. I've given up.  Material gets stolen from this blog -original research- and gets distorted by alleged 'cryptozoologists' and 'ufologists' for their own means -and to make money.

I post.  No one even thinks to respond.  So I guess it's pointless posting because none of this stuff is sensationalist or interesting enough?

I have books full of case YOU have never even heard of.  But its not sensationalist or interesting.

So be it.

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