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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Ghost Adventures -Bagans Clams Up. Bill Chappell Doesn't Believe In Ghosts and the FAKERY Continues

I have said and written this so often.  I have advised people to rely on their own senses and not fake equipment.  It's all a con.

The Earth's Electro-magnetic field is constantly moving, fluctuating. An EMF meter might be detecting that fluctuation due to local conditions but it is not a sign of ghosts (whatever they might be).  You see those ghost hunters on TV use the torch/flash light trick to 'communicate' with spirits?  It's fake. They know it and they know just how the trick works -Screamfreak79 on his You Tube channel has exposed this trick and it has been viewed by some 114,006 people.  So why still think it's genuine?

The video is here:

This gent has also exposed other fake gimmicks but is not a skeptic.  He understands that you have  to eliminate the bad data to get to the good.  Check his channel out.

You see, lots of noises and lights and colour -that's all the devices you see in the TV paranormal shows are -"shows" because they are identified clearly as entertainment.  Apart from the faked EVPs where there is no doubt that one of the team involved is behind the voice (some are so obvious I've just sat there and said "But that's --- speaking?!"

The biggest fakers in this business are, of course, Ghost Adventures.  It's fraud.  Now, a scientific person or someone genuinely trying to gather evidence who records an EVP would think "This needs to be analysed" and there is a lot you can learn from recordings. Of course, everyone present would need to give a recording of themselves saying what is heard in the EVP -because that eliminates them. Week in, month after month, year after year, the Ghost Adventures hoaxers get "Class A EVPs -direct communication with a spirit!"  That's it. No analysis of any type.  You accept bunko man Bagan's word for it thus proving you are a dumb-ass.  Twice I communicated with the Ghost Adventures people via email and even their Face Book page and asked the most basic question. No responses and comments removed within a few hours.

What have they got to hide?  Obviously not the very bad acting in each programme or "unexpected witness" who just happens to turn up.

In the old days of reel-to-reel tape recorders those investigating EVPs used everything they could to analyze -checking  every and any aspect they could.  Ghost Adventures and the other take their word on it.

I have no doubt that in some cases "something" is going on but the dead? I doubt that. "Our group has a 'sensitive'/'psychic' and all the latest electronic equipment!"  I have the senses I was born with and I'll rely on those over psychic fakers and gobble-dee-gook 'scientific' gear any day.

Also, I have stated in the past, that none of the alleged 'science' behind the devices used makes any sense.  You listen to, say, Bill Chappell's explanation and, to the average member of the public it may be "Wow! That is so over my head I don't get it so it MUST be science!" To myself it's "What the **** are you talking about?"

"This device will detect the spirit energy and they can use that energy to choose words from an integrated dictionary"

Hang is claimed they know what spirit energy is?  They know the frequency at which "it" operates?  They know that these spirits can manipulate this energy to choose words and communication? Smell something?  Don't worry -you haven't stepped in anything. What these bunko boys (con-men if you prefer) are saying is that this is like all the scientific equipment used by scientists in other disciplines that yield solid results because these ghost hunters know everything they need to know.This is all scientific proveable data and they....why are they going to "haunted" locations then? Why turn all the lights off if electrical energy is what spirits soaked up (draining -of course they do- camera and other batteries dry) to manifest and communicate?

Well, in the dark, you can't see the fakery as clearly as in full light -ask Most Haunted- and those devices...the pretty light displays won't be as bright.  There is NO REASON to turn off the lights other than for fakery and the pretty lights.

Oh. And, again, I have asked this over and over -who or what organisation has tested and analyzed all these devices and the results because that would, if genuine, prove the results beyond question? No one. Take bunko Bagans' word for it -it's "solid evidence".

The, uh, 'science' behind these devices is....pretty lights and screen displays!  There: scientific evidence. Well, until you remember that Bill Chappell does not believe in ghosts and spirits and believes people "make them" -by deceiving themselves.  Yet he continues to make over $300 a time on some of his inventions -as do others who even sell "Spirit communication flash-lights" for $100 or more (you can buy the same thing without the fancy "Ghost" or "Spirit" communication label for $5-10 in a store).

I've said it and written it so many times so hear are two items from other people.

Creator of gadgets for Ghost Adventures show says he does not believe in ghosts

Or if you want to read the truth about "Ghost Meters" read this: Ghost Meters: I Can Name that Ghost in 5 Milligauss

These TV shows are entertainment.  Those involved need the shows to continue because it makes them money and gives them "celebrity" status. They are not interested in gathering scientific evidence of anything other than that there are a lot of very gullible people out there.

I have seen poltergeist activity with my own eyes. I have seen "odd figures" -on one occasion along with two others.  Ghosts. No. We know enough about what probably causes the poltergeist effect and I've seen nothing that says "dead people".  What we need to look at is the process that creates the activity.  As for the figures, well, they may well be part of what I call "The Ruth Effect". But not dead people.

There might be something else at work and that is what genuine researchers need to focuss their attention on.  Everything I've just written -the links I've given- will be dismissed by believers or the con-men with the much over used and misunderstood word "skeptic" but like they used to say "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink"

Throw out the "psychics" and bunko equipment.  Use your own senses.  Yes, use cameras -motion and still- and recording devices but analyze  anything you record.  Get a university or institution to check and double check what you have.  But remember: No Devil. No Portal/Gateway to Hell.  No 'demons'. No dead people (prove me wrong on this one and I'll be happy -we all should be!). 

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