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Saturday, 8 October 2016

I Was Asked. This Is My Answer.

I was asked why I do not post as often as I used to on this blog.

Well, for one thing the fact that the plagiaristic cryptozoologists/forteans and Ufologists (that's about 95% of them) kept stealing original work from here and calling it their own put me off that.

The other thing is that I get zero per cent feed-back/comments or interaction with the thousands of people who view the blog each week.  Why should I post items?  I might as well keep it all in my head and cut out the middle man.  The whole point of the blog was to get like-minded thinkers involved but it seems people just come here, look at things then go.  Pretty thankless for all the work a post takes.

Then we have the fact that explaining something counts me as one of the "arch debunkers" of UFOs, cryptozoology, "the paranormal" and whatever. I've explained this so many times.

And when people cite the 'evidence' of a tree branch on the ground in woodland proving there are "Bigfoots" or "wildmen" in the UK I look at what they claim.  In the case of a UK large hominid or wildman there is absolutely no evidence.  As a naturalist I gave all those involved the chance to "show and tell" to someone who would look at what they had impartially.  I got called names, lies were told about me and there was even "calling me out" on You Tube because I said that a broken tree branch in woodland was....a broken tree branch in woodland.  That is all there was.  A piece of wood with lots of fantasy surrounding how a tree branch in woodland got there and why.

You see, we need to sort through all the total rubbish out there -the attention seeking fantasists, hoaxers -on You Tube, Face Book and elsewhere.  To do that we need to first look fairly at what they are claiming. Out of 1000 You Tube videos allegedly of Bigfoot, UFOs or whatever, we have to look at them.  Yes, 99.5% are outright hoaxes because there is no originality amongst these people. BUT if we ignore every video we may well miss the one true genuine clip.

Paranormal TV shows are "entertainment".  They are not real.  The current series of Ghost Adventures appears to have just opted to stop pretending it is genuine. Ghost Hunters are still faking it up and hearing things that no one else can hear because, after all these years, they have never purchased good sound equipment to capture their 'genuine' EVPs.  Paranormal Investigators just about sums it all up. The "re-enactments" are by actors so bad that I have to wonder if they are the TV crews relatives opted in to save money?  I watch people. Movements, expressions, tones in their voices and this show was a treat because it features fantasists and outright liars -ask any cop who is a cop to watch and if they don't spot it all outrighly -they need to quit.

But these are the people the public believes.  I could do what they do and, in fact, in the past publishers have asked me to "sex up" books -lie. No. I could not live with that. I may need the money but there are lines I will not cross. EMF meters, flashlight -all the tricks are employed by these people but they are the "experts".

Same thing with all the UFO TV shows. Same faces time and again twisting the truth, lying -no "flying saucer" ever crashed at Aurora and we know that (at least 50 years ago) and Roswell -again, no flying saucer (that needed a guide rope?).  Flatwoods/Braxton County landing may be genuine but like everything else so much fiction has been added by 'investigators' that they -Aurora, Roswell and Flatwoods- are almost fantasy driven: but that helps annual events and conventions bringing in money to the local community. Good -but be truthful.

Before the 1980s we NEVER had "Grey" aliens abducting people by the millions.  It took years but eventually the UK and elsewhere jumped on the abduction craze.  The same is true with all the TV inspired "portholes"/"vortexes" -"dark entities" from paranormal shows (Ghost Adventures can take credit there).  Bigfoot -same. "Dog Man" -again another craze that took hold.  "Black eyed children" -more fakery. Now, the UK started the scary clown staring at people craze and then it swept into the United States ("killer clowns" though NONE has ever killed!).  None of these things ever existed prior to the 1980s/1990s and the internet and TV has played a great part in these crazes.

Unless things fit in with this TV and faker created world view no one is interested.  "Dog man seen in Arkansas" -send for the actors known as the Mountain Monsters team who use the same script week after week.

"Forty new species discovered in Amazon.....are they monsters killing people and live stock?" No - who cares?

I have seen serious researchers and investigators leave one by one because of all this. Back in the 1980s someone from the UK Ministry of Defence said to me: "You have been involved in Ufology for years. The answer to the question of whether we spy and infiltrate to break up UFO research is simply that why would we be bothered -Ufologists do that themselves on a daily basis!"  And that is true and the armchair Ufologists who think of themselves as the elite who do not even have to talk to witnesses or investigate cases are on one side and fakers and fantasists on the other.

I will continue to research and investigate. Keep my notes.  Publish what I think suitable in my books and know that one day I'll pull the plug on it all and the only printed copies of my decades of work will be in my possession and that of someone in France and Italy.  No one is interested.

What I post here rarely will be things I'm not worried about plagiarists stealing.

That is why I do not post as often because even a simple request to readers to forward any links or news to sightings met with zero reaction.  You get what you get.

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