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Friday, 13 January 2017

Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and more BS. We REALLY Need Serious Programmes About The Strange & Weird

It cannot just be me that smells it?  This....strong smell of bovine excrement? Ghost Adventures is controlled by Zak Bagans who is...a control freak. Just watch the programme.  It was quite clear that Bagans wanted all the control and all of the attention as he personally took on the non-existent Satan with the incorrect Number of the Best -"666" is incorrect. Go look it up.

Groff was an unwanted feature.  Let's face it -he could NOT fake possession and all the other crap like Bagans who is probably a little attention deficit disordery.

Watching Series 13 of GA while I work is a laugh.  More fake machinery.  More fake 'attacks'.  More fake witnesses who "just happened to be passing" and how many of the witnesses involved are paid actors I do not know nor do I care.

Ghost Adventures is faked like every other paranormal show. Yes, they call themselves "shows" not documentary programmes.

Bagans challenges Groff's 'integrity'????

Katrina Weidman is as bad an actress as Groff and the show beginning is obviously trying to give it the slick appearance of TV series Supernatural (which is about as real as GA or Paranormal Lockdown!)

Bagans stabbed Groff in the back and the TV channel supported "the star"?  Welcome to TV and movies, people.

"We saw a shadow" -WOW! I saw one earlier when the sun came out and I couldn't believe it.  A shadow.  You hear what I'm saying (or rather "You read what I'm typing")? A real shadow.  

You know those childrens playing balls that move on these shows because "a ghost did it!!!"?  You can buy those as a novelty.  What world are you living in to believe that but not check it out?

Orbs -insects, dust, rain-drops, snow-flakes, cob-webs and totally explained -like "Rods" or "Rod creatures" -all only started appearing when much more sensitive and sophisticated digital cameras came in. Bull-shit for con merchants. Bunko boys.

So how is all this fakery, back-stabbing and sleaze-ball activity explained by the 'fans'? Demons. Yes, demons possessing or influencing these heroes of the manure heap.  Do your research.  Originally in the Bible NO "Fallen Angel" so no Hell, no demons -all later inventions.

Andy Hamilton did research and made a documentary....

So, why no real programmes on the paranormal?  Because they would be boring.  Hours and days of filming to get....nothing or perhaps a knock...somewhere.  Not sexy.  Not going to hook the TV land viewers who want the fakery fed to them.

A lot of serious paranormal investigators have quit over the years because these shows have made a mockery of the real work. 

What we want -need- is a programme, factual. No special effects or sound tracks.  Showing the gritty truth.  I don't think that is sexy enough for TV.

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  1. Just like ghost mine, and Chad Lindburg's show, it's nonsense. Use an attractive girl, or a famous (semi!) person. Attract gullible viewers. The Discovery Network system has brought some of the most brain-dead productions on American television. When will "reality" TV be just that, reality. Viewers can't trust TV production outfit's that are just in it for viewership. American Jive would be a better program name. Good post THS, although the Andy Hamilton video link does not play.