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Monday, 20 February 2017

This "Little known case" Is A Ufology "Classic" -anyone read any more is it all "I saw it on TV"?

Some people might wonder why I posted a video regarding the 1964, Cisco Grove alien encounter from the United States?

What made me actually curse out loud in almost (almost) disbelief was the statement that this was "a little known case".  From a MUFON investigator and State Director. This shows why so called UFO 'research' is in such a mess.  Where do these people get their knowledge of UFOs from -UFO Hunters and other equally dubious TV shows?

For persons high up in a UFO investigation organization to state that Cisco Grove and the Donald Shrum encounter are "little known" is akin the the Curator of a national museum stating: "Salvador Dali is a little known painter".

It shows a great lack of knowledge on the subject which, up until the early 1990s would have been laughed at.

Just how well documented and reported on is this "little known case"?

The Hynek UFO Report  (1977, pp 210-212) J. Allen Hynek (heard of him?)
Strange Effects From UFOs ( 1969, p. 17))  NICAP
Flying Saucer Occupants,  (1967, pp 137-141)  James and Coral Lorenzen
The Humanoids (1969, pp. 164-174 -by Coral Lorenzen) Ed. Charles Bowen

In fact, excluding magazine articles, I can find another 15 sources without really trying including books by Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour...the point is that this was always seen as a "Classic encounter case". 

Now the investigators involved Noe Torres & Ruben Uriarte, have written a book "Aliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter,"  and when I get the time and money I'll buy a copy -read the reviews on Amazon and do not take this as my recommendation as I have not read it yet.

Has anyone heard of Antonio Villas Boas?  And despite current "UFO history rebooting" there were no "Greys" involved.

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