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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Strange Nocturnal Lights ~Fence Smashed In

UK. conditions: clear and dry. Suburban area.  No noise ~possible crackling sound. Then loud "Thud" as one light flew through fence. Time: 0100 hrs BST

First object appeared after a loud crackling sound
 First object shot off north then another appeared
This light shot off to SW but then another appeared low down and heading from the south toward photographer...see below.
 This object got bigger and headed off toward north and a photo was taken as it moved over a bungalow.  Photographer says should not have seen over the  high fence and realised he was 3 feet off the ground. there was a loud crack and another smaller light appeared much nearer and made his ears pop.
Below: enlargement of the smaller light.

Then light got close and photographer's feet hit the concrete and there was a loud thud and wood and other material flew past him.  Everything went quiet and lights were gone.  This was the scene at 0600 hrs.

There is one photo that the photographer will not show. Yet

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