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Monday, 7 August 2017

7,200 to 86,400 Alien Abductions Per Year In The UK?

Now each of the five groups that I contacted in 2016 stated that they get "a hundred or couple hundred" new alien abduction cases each month.  

When I asked two why their reports online seemed to all be written by the same person both stated that, to "prevent an abductee being identified", the person in charge re~wrote the accounts. Now, let me point out that this simply has an accusation of fakery thrown at these groups.  One had a re~written account to, obviously, not identify the alleged abductee...who appeared in a photo with the investigator in question.  Really wanted anonymity then.

These accounts are useless.  They provide no real data.  Why?  If you look at any subject as an investigator then you have to read the actual words of the person involved.  This is why police officers say "In your own words" or a judge in court will say to a person "It would help considerably if you told us in your own words". Re~writing a statement does not protect a witness/percipient ~a code of ethics should do that~ it merely gives the impression that everything is made up by one person: the person running the group and re~writing everything.

The situation is made worse by the fact that every witness sketch varies despite stating "It was like the face on the cover of that Streiber book!" Yet, the sketch is nothing like the 'Grey' on the cover of Communion.  I have mention this all before so let's not go over it again.

I think that a great many reports are fabricated by certain 'investigators', because it brings them kudos as far as they see it.  With the person actually making a report you can have various reasons: hoaxing, attention seeking, psychological, etc. etc. etc.

I am not a "debunker" ~which many Ufologists use because you offer a rational explanation along with facts to reinforce that explanation.  Not a case of "I say the case involves "this" so it's a fact!" No, the investigator should look at the hypothesis offered and if it proves correct then move on.  If it does not prove correct then other avenues need to be looked at.  The more explanations you look at and can dismiss the better the case becomes.

There is a famous case from the United States in the early 1970s.  I won't go into it in any detail but there was far more than a creatures encounter.  Reading the investigator's account of the case I realised that some of the percipient behaviour at the time and afterwards strongly indicated a psychological condition.  I pointed this out, very politely but have not heard from the investigator since sadly.

Every American trend from UFOs, ghosts, demons, Bigfoot and much more that get wide TV coverage or feature on You Tube tends to hit the UK.  I have big files on Alien Entity/CE 3K going back to 1900 (and a few before that).  I notice how the entities involved in some of these are now depicted or described as "Greys" but never were before.  This seems to be down to the Ufologist and the idea that anything originally reported was a "screen image".  

The "Greys", as veteran research Ann Druffell has pointed out, until the 1980s and the start of "abduction research" and wide use of hypnosis, there were no Greys as described.  That is not to say that there were no similar looking, large headed entities but it is just that the Greys appear to be a modern myth.

David M. Jacobs states that if you have seen a UFO, even in the distance as it shoots through the sky, you have been abducted.  I'm guessing that if you have seen a landed craft and entities that also means you have been abducted?

Utter rot.

The first thing I always did, from when I started out in 1973, right up to now, is talk to witnesses.  Find out how long the sighting they had lasted: "Well, the news was ending at 10:30pm...and the object had gone by the time the weather report ended..." so about five minutes.  How did they know the time in other cases?  Dashboard clock in a car that was used to time how long an object took to pass over the road ahead and move away over woodland.  To state that every UFO sighting is evidence of alien abduction and no one can dispute it because only you know the truth borders on a psychological condition in itself.

But back to these UFO groups and their claims for the UK.  

The 2016 UK population was 65.4 millions. So let's say 100 new to each group every month ~just three groups, no more.. That's 1,200 for one group in a year and for three groups 3,600 in a year. If you accept the upper number of 200 a month that is 7,200 in a year. And for 10 years 72,000 so if the six groups I was in contact with were telling the truth then we are dealing with some 7,200 per month and some 86,400 each year...or 864,000 over ten years and those are the percipients actually making reports and so a small percentage of all UK abductees.  I do not believe that figure.  

"I was abducted by aliens.  It was those grey ones with the lizard~men and mantis~like creatures!" Write that down, put it online and there you go.  That is evidence of stupidity on the part of the Ufologist.

Now, I have a rather love~hate thing with Carl Sagan, however, there is a quote of his that is very apt:

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

I am not a "UFO believer" because that is nonsense. Someone might say "going by what I've heard I believe UFOs are real" but the title "believer" has some negative connotations to it. I am not a debunker. I look at what is reported and search for evidence to disprove or prove that evidence to be genuine.  I get invitations from "skeptics" groups who feel I am on the same level of thinking as them. I turn invitations down.  

Skeptics who are skeptics because it makes them seem big or more knowing than someone else I cannot abide.  Sat on fat arses pontificating or making claims that only those who have no idea of the subject in question will think is fact are a waste of space.  "Sea monsters do not exist because~~~" Well, no "monsters" but sea creatures so far undiscovered by science (which one has to face really screwed up badly on this one)....and Mr Comfie chair has not scoured the waters of the world ~we still have no idea what might be below the waves but Mr Comfie Chair does?  All the silly explanations come out.

"Bigfoot does not exist because any such creature could not remain hidden!" I knew a zoologist who said that for years until he visited Canada and said he never realized just how vast its forests were. "Anything really big could live there ~but not Bigfoot. That doesn't exist!" He later stated.

And I do not, and never ever would, state that I do not believe that alien life forms have visited the Earth over the last 200 years, or before.  I have spent decades looking at the evidence for this.  I have met people who have stood up to every ounce of scrutiny, trick questions and so on that I have used. I have no doubt they are not lying.  They have never suffered mental illness, head injuries or anything else (and there are things I have looked at that most Ufologists do not even know of) that would make them believe they saw aliens. 

What do I make of those cases?  Worth noting but one off encounters where there is no evidence or where physical evidence existed but was trampled over by Ufologists?  You have to think and that is all you can do.  Then look for correlations.  And you keep on looking until you find the correlations or the actual evidence to prove a case.

I am not a cryptozoologist, a Fortean, a Ufologist,  demonologist, ghostologist (!) or follower of any other made up subject. Which includes "Skeptics." I am a naturalist and scientific investigator. I have theories. 

I want facts and evidence and the UK appears to have fallen into a prolonged period of Idiotologists (there is a good title) who just believe anything.  Some probably get their training watching Dr Who.

A genuine incident or event I am always interested in hearing about and no witness/percipient should ever feel that I doubt them.  It may seem so but if you just need a "Yes. We know all about this.  Happens thousands of times a year!" then there are groups for you.  If you want someone to seriously look at what happened to you without judging...I am contactable.

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