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Friday, 11 August 2017

SOHA Bunko

There are four parts to this. I got 15 minutes into part 1 and said out loud "It's a con!"

I have seen this exact type of act regarding UFO contacts, 'psychics' but mainly in the field of weirdness.  If you know anyone who has studied psychology ask them to watch all four parts. Johnson over bearing and vocalizing loudly at the right points, cuing in lady by the stage and even "This is what the skeptics will say" points at the right moment. When his "extras" came on at the end that should  have convinced anyone.

But what was it P. T. Barnum said.....?

I really WANT to hear Adam Davies talking now about that night because I think those men were controlled, set up and duped.  Interesting to hear Johnson give yet a third version of his part in that night's events.


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