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Monday, 21 August 2017

The Secret Hate!

Before I go and start going through my research papers/notes for Beyond Time & Space I wanted to tell people something funny.

I learnt the other day that the person who was allegedly the Head of Investigation and Research for the old British Flying Saucer Bureau (and who believed all UFOs were "caused by nuclear power stations" ~even those seen in the Amazon) and who was present (but physically turned away and refused mine and other witnesses request to observe) on the night when 150 witnesses saw a very unusual light, and were witnesses to my light signals being returned...destroyed the only copy of the 30 pages report.  Other reports (CE3K/Entity cases) were also destroyed.  Because he did not accept them.

The British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) in the late 1970s received the only copies of over 200 UFO sightings and investigations I had carried out during a UFO flap (I was BUFORAs only investigator in the region).  I even talked over the phone to the National Investigations Coordinator about the reports.  When I asked, in 1980, why I still had not received the original reports back I was told "We can't seem to find them".  Last week, someone who used to be high up in BUFORA told me "I'm afraid a lot of reports and material was lost back then".

Why is there no need for the fictional Men In Black or government agencies to disrupt UFO groups' work?  The Ufologists.  Look at it now: every UFO report is a hidden abduction so unless there is a claim of interest.

I was also told, when I introduced myself to a very well known Ufologist who has written books and appeared in TV programmes, that "I know who you are.  Your name often gets mentioned on sites dealing with cryptozoology or strange creatures....and UFOs".  Even this friendly person, when I realized from his report that one of his witnesses appeared to be  hypnagogic and explained symptoms, etc.....stopped communicating with me.

One closed group of 'elite UFO researchers' invited me to join.  I thought this was great. An excellent chance to discuss cases with real investigators and researchers.  I left within a week. Because, you see, I stated that I would not accept a magazine or newspaper article on a case as proving CE3K  or Entity reports were fakes. Someone wrote something nasty about a witness in a book. And~? I took ten minutes on the internet to find out that author held a grudge against the witness in question. Not good enough apparently.

I discovered that what were cases needing serious investigation had their reality or truthfulness decided upon by someone sat in an armchair who read a few news clippings!

Worse still, if a report looked more solid it could be dismissed as "being real and believed by the witness in his mind" and even sillier reasons.

Sitting on your arse reading magazines, newspaper accounts was THE way to do it.  I pointed out that I knew how to contact two witnesses in certain cases...."that would be pointless as they would obviously now believe what they saw"???

Oh no. I was out of there.  More work done looking for news~clippings or texts on the internet than talking to witnesses because witnesses were not important.  And these are very well known people in international ufology.

I find it funny when I learn that people in ghost~hunting, Ufological or cryptozoological circles "hate" me or call be a "skeptic".  I do not care.  I do not know them. I know of the reputations of these people in some cases which is why I have nothing to do with them.

I am interested in one thing only: facts. Data and research and investigation that prove or disprove a case and in Science your personal prejudices have no say in things.

This is why there is no secret conspiracy to silence these people. That is paranoia or a call for attention.  Mountain Monsters is far more real than these people.

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