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Thursday, 28 September 2017

New Book ~It Takes A LOT Of Work And Is Full Of Surprises

It has taken around two months to supplement the details I have in my Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE3K) and Alien Entity files.  "Why?" you might ask.  I'll tell you.
Above: The "High Strangeness" Cases file.

I have selected specific case histories that  I have classed as High Strangeness.  As in "outside the norm" of everyday experiences.  They are cases that, in some cases, have taken a battering from debunkers masking as "skeptics" ~a skeptic looks at all the facts with an open mind and without prejudice or preconceived viewpoint.  A debunker simply ignores many facts that are inconvenient to their viewpoint, such as original accounts or even looking at investigation case reports and speaking to those involved. The "It was an owl!" brigade.

Even so, I looked at what some of them had written and found that their pet theories and explanations only worked if you ignored the known, reported facts.  It is probably for this reason that debunkers try to make their attacks on the people involved and any little thing they can find out and gods help the witness who was once fined for littering when he dropped a bubble gum wrapper in his teens! I found that this was a very common factor amongst debunkers.  They could not explain so twist or forget a few facts and make personal attacks.

Attacks against people who were professionally qualified ~doctors, etc~ are made as though these were just "UFO or abductee worshippers" ~the loony fringe.  The allegation that Ufologists all worshipped at the feet of abductees is typically misleading especially when the Ufologist involved was skeptical of a case in question.

So I found nothing new in these 'skeptical investigations' and actually noted in my desk book that the debunkers seemed to be the loony fringe.

I then had to dig around and, as always, look to original reports or accounts because so many writers cribbed from one another that they had to make "little changes" to appear original but in doing so altered the actual report.  Personality clashes between investigators/groups did not help but there was far more bitching going on than reporting on cases.  I could go on but I'll leave it at that.

So it took the usual route of going back and looking at original accounts and investigations.
Above: Purple folder the High Strangeness cases file and Blue the back up notes ~bulky!

I then got a surprise.  There were cases I chose that I wanted to use to demonstrate how mistakes and so on led to reports being called and accepted as classics when they were far from such.  Looking at the original material in these cases things back~fired on me. Take away all the erroneous 'facts' and...well, the cases began to stand up to scrutiny.

Something else became very evident about the percipients in the cases, too.  In one case after another this one factor struck me (no, you'll have to wait for the book).

But then I had to formulate and tighten up my viewpoint and theory regarding the Grey Alien Syndrome and the work of abduction researchers.  This combined with what I found out looking at the High Strangeness cases led me to formulate  guidelines on how to proceed in the investigation of these cases.

To be honest, Ufology as a whole has screwed things up.  Despite all of the talk about being "scientific" and "conducting investigations like police do a case" and all the classification of UFO sightings and so much more Ufologists just tended to pick and choose which case they would look at.  A multiple witness UFO landing on a US highway that involved an entity was ignored.  Despite calls for it to be looked into.  But a light in the sky was enough for two or more investigators to rush to. There were only two possible explanations for this neglect and neither should make Ufology proud.

And there was far more that needed to be gathered, written into a form that the layman could understand (this was very important because the purpose is to get the point across and not have people constantly Googling terms, etc.) then edit it all down and still be clear.

I have no doubt that the book will make me quite a few enemies amongst Ufologists and will certainly do so amongst debunkers. That has never bothered me before because I cite and give full references and stick to what is known. There can only be one agenda and that is to look for factual evidence and present it even if I have to agree with someone I personally despise ~this is not about personalities.

Whether I'll stick to the preliminary title of "From Beyond Time And Space" or not I have no idea but I am aiming to complete the work and get it published by January, 2018. That schedule is dependent on a number of things since I have to find more mundane work to earn a living! Books, I have found, do not make you money.

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