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Monday, 6 November 2017

Project Title Changed

Just on the off chance that anyone  is interested.  CI have decided that the new book will no longer be titled From Beyond Time & Space.  The reason is quite simple as I think that, although the book contents (about 530pp) should make it clear why it was given that title, I suspect that the biggest question I will get is "Why that title?"

I thought about this a lot yesterday.  Since it deals with High Strangeness cases, etc ~it is NOT "just another UFO book"~ and looking at evidence I decided the title would get attached to another book project.

the new title will be.....

                                 High Strangeness 
Looking for Evidence Of Alien Visitation

A new cover design is underway so a date when available will be given soon. 

there will be two formats ~one regular book and the other out~sized A4 edition in line with previous books but this title will be slightly different to avoid confusion.

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