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Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Sinister, Frightening and Strange Case Of JS

"Terry -have you seen this one?" My friend asked.  I followed the link to a Scottish UFO forum where it seemed anything but actual cases was the subject matter.  There was "JS" (I have his real name on record) and his account and he was asking for help or advice.

Apparently, no one even bothered responding. Were these Ufologists or "on the band wagon" fan boys.  The latter it seems.  So I tracked down JSs email and contacted him.

Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 22:02:39 +0000

My name is Terry Hooper and for 40+ years I have specialized in alien-entity/creature reports -associated/not associated with UFOs.

I read about your encounter earlier this year on the UFO Casebook forum and wondered whether you could give me any further details and,possibly,a rough sketch of what you saw that I can work on [I'm also an artist] and a photo of the site in question?

What I would like to do is draw an illo of what you saw set at the location where seen.  Any indication of any colour to the head/body?  Any additional information you can give I can then form into a report.  A copy would, obviously, be sent to you.

I'm sure you probably have some questions to ask me first so please do.

Obviously, I would like a real name -BUT THIS WOULD NOT BE REVEALED TO ANYONE ELSE AND CERTAINLY NOT INCLUDED IN ANY REPORT.  In 40+ years I have never broken a confidence which probably makes me a better bet than the Ministry of Defence!

I want to emphasise that I am a serious investigator/researcher.

So,please,consider my request.

In case you get any problems with this mail address please try or even

My Thanks in advance.

This is the reply I received:

"hi ,sorry about the delay but some unknown person keeps deleting certain photos from my computer, the photo marked A is where my wife first noticed them, he was bending up and down checking something very slowly, he knew we where there but it did not bother him, the bad drawing is what we saw when we walked up the hill close to him , i saw only one but my wife is adamant that there was two. he was about two yards behind the flag , the flag is six feet from the grass. hope this helps you, when we took the photos a black helicopter arrived and circled us, it took photos of us as it hovered above very close then flew off in the direction it arrived from, i have tried complaining about it to the aviation authorities but to no avail , it had no markings with rear tinted windows ,the pilot was visible".

Then my response:

Thanks for the photographs, they make a good reference.
I wondered whether you could make a more detailed sketch or give a fuller description so that I could put a sketch together then see if its like the entity you saw?
Was this the earlier sighting because I cannot find a link on UFO Forum?
The one where you were walking the dogs was just you by yourself?
It would be interesting to get as much detail on both the sightings and see if,once the sketch has been added,what you saw matches up with other cases.
Sadly,any complaint about black helicopters tends to go unanswered!

The response came quickly -with the above email there was a Diary of Events that I shall come to further on:

"if you take richard obrien put him in a long leather look coat that steaches to his ankles, then make him a shadow with a lighter greyish area for a face, then streach him out to about 9 feet and you have the alien".

The whole point of any investigation is that you remain "in neutral" while trying to sympathize with the percipient in such a case.  Some might look at the emails and think "That guy is a weirdo", however, his Diary of Events explains why he wrote in this way.

When I came across JSs account I asked some Scottish Ufologists and groups whether they could contact him as there were things in his account that I felt pointed to something serious, particularly the physiological symptoms. Not one single person or group was interested. 

I have tried to contact JS but with no success, and it may well be that he passed away. This could, yes, be psychological -a condition leading up to his stroke- however if his wife and brother confirmed details and we could get confirmation of the physiological effects, perhaps doctors notes or opinions this would give it a whole new perspective.

Note that I do not believe in chopping up or re-phrasing a witness/percipient statement. This is from JSs computer diary and the only thing that I have done is to break up a couple of very long paragraphs to make its reading easier.

"This is my diary of events and what I have found so far. Our abduction. The date was 01/08/07 on the A70

"we left to go and collect samples of sand from a quarry sixteen miles from our work ,it was a nice sunny day and we where both relaxed and very normal, we left at one fifteen pm and arrived at the quarry at twenty five to two, it is a straight road with very little traffic and no traffic lights ect as it is in the country, we left at quarter to two but did not arrive back at the work until four fifteen, there is a small section of road that I cannot remember driving about four hundred meters, before reaching this section I was behind a blue corsa and a red transit van ,for some reason I cannot remember where the car and van went as they where not in front of me at the end of the four hundred meters there is no turn off so they should have been in front of me all the way along the road, after this section my brother was acting weird singing let it be over and over and also in-between the repetitive song saying things like I cant feel my hand or I need to go home or get me home or I cant feel my legs all the time getting more panic stricken then started screaming for me to stop the truck as he had to get out ,this I did at the first space I reached, he got out and started walking around in a circle still repeating the song and saying I need to get home he was very grey ,what I thought of him at the time reminded me of Dustin Hoffman when he played the part in the rain man he was talking very fast in-between singing the two words of the song over and over, I got him back into the truck and speeded back to work thinking he was having a fit I was doing eighty and was back in no time, it was then that I found out it was four fifteen and we had taken three hours to do a trip that at the most should have been one hour ,we did not stop except at the quarry have repeated the trip several times and it has taken forty five minutes, I got my brother into our car did not waste time telling anyone as I had to get him home.

"we got the doctor in and he told us he has had a panic attack and would be ok in a short while ,he was wrong as my brother ended up in hospital the only thing they could find was he had very low oxygen levels in his blood and a very fast heart beat, I at this time was fine every thing seemed normal ,when I got home I started feeling funny the next thing I know its sixteen hours later my wife just thought I was tired and left me sleeping ,I normally only sleep about three to four hours so this was very abnormal for me ,it was not until the next day it dawned on me we had lost two hours time on that four hundred meter stretch of road my brother cant remember anything before he started singing except the car and van we where behind but cannot remember where they went we both have a total blank about the two hours.

"seen blue orbs of light and white orbs being chased by the RAF and have seen above the A70 what I called a sausage link it was two orange tube shaped objects that looked joined loosely together very height up well above the flight paths and very large.

"we are suffering problems ,my brother told me tonight he is having problems with his left and right and is getting things all mixed up ,he also has a bad headache that wont shift and seems very jumpy ,the only problem I am having is my teeth, I have an abscess at the wisdom tooth and two front teeth have gone grey to black from white and very painful but not toothache this happened in the last 12 hours this may not have anything to do with the missing two hours, I have found a needle mark on my right arm but nothing else ,I also keep wanting to return to the A70 its getting compulsive but maybe that’s me searching for what happened this I do not know but we both are finding it very scary and very annoying to the point of anger .you don’t expect such things at my age 50 but now I need to find an answer for the missing 2 hours some sort of proof as to what happened enough to put our minds at rest.

"One other thing, my brother has not slept since it happened and complains of being sore across his back and sholders, this may be due to lack of sleep but he seems to have had the rough end of the stick
I don’t know if this has any connection but near my work there is an old airbase that I have nosed about in ,it is well spread along the A70 with deep bunkers in the woods ect and I took to gathering info about it as a hobby, I found one that seems to be still in use but did not go into that one ,it belongs to the USAF 6910th also known as shadow warriors and as far as I have found out was disbanded after the cold war, the airbase was known as RAF Kirk Newton but was solely American and very top secret.

" the area around the A70 belongs mostly to the MOD and is still used on a regular basis I have also come across three abductions on the A70 one a forestry worker who seems to have died from illness by his abduction the other two went public and suffered ridicule but from what I have read is that theirs was very similar to ours and they where also driving before and after their experience

"Health update, I have lost most of my teeth and have had to take my third course of antibiotics, I did not have this problem before whatever it was happened to us but in such a short space of time I have had teeth totally die ,I only have gums at either side of my mouth and have become prone to abscesses ,all my joints are sore constantly and my brother is finding it hard to get about because of joint pain and always being lethargic, we have not spoken about this to each other for a while but yesterday he was telling me he is getting flash backs and weird dreams

"Update, still no closer to knowing what happened or why. my health has improved and I feel great but the same cannot be said about my brother, he keeps getting weird dreams and is positive someone is entering his home at night when all are asleep when he feels someone has visited he states that the next day the whole family find it hard to awaken and feel sluggish all day and very lethargic, the dreams are always the same theme ,he meets up with someone in the dark who takes him to a cliff edge or wall of a cavern they descend on a lift that has large steel girders around it ,it goes very deep into the earth, he is then taken (not by any force) to a doorway that he is told is part of a crashed space ship he is told that he has to open the door with his mind this he does and enters with his companion ,inside is massive with lots of people in white suits and also lots of armed military ,he then enters another lift that seems to go down into the ship, here he is met by someone else who walks him around to the back of the lift to a door again is opened by thought ,when the door opens there is a white tunnel that the military charge into firing their weapons ,he can see the end of the tunnel witch is quite short and sees aliens firing back at the military ,he feels although this is all underground the doorway leads to another world not on earth he is then returned back to the cliff and awakens feeling ill. This dream has repeated over and over never seems to change

"The area we have been working at is a small farm my sister has just bought and we are only sorting it out for her, this I now find is the scean of the a70 abduction of two men, we also have found an area of trees that have been severely damaged, there is no access rout into the damaged area, it is dense forest all around this area.

"Entered area of damage only managed to get to the outer edge took some photos.

"Have entered the damaged area, filmed it but both cameras have stopped working, managed to get something, the area is covered with a white dust like substance and the broken wood looks bleached like you would find on a beach.

"Just had a filling fall out of the last tooth on the side, has three different colored wires attached to it, did not have a filling on that tooth? Tried filming the filling it wont go into focus, the wires seem to be plastic coated with a carbon core, both been feeling very ill nausea and sickness.

"When we where filming the damaged area the forestry department watched us and the following day cleared the area, striped clean also quite a few military trucks in the area .

"Followed a trail of info that has led me to an area the other side of Livingston, found two well secured areas, and filmed it. Have been getting followed by black range rovers with tinted windows they turned up at this location as well. No company name or logo on both areas but have found the old sign that belonged to the construction company.

"The construction company is deep underground mining specialists.

"Not much happened in the following months until just recently and this is my notes on that incident.
met my first ET last night really weird experience, my wife and I took the dogs for a walk at midnight on the braid hills golf course now after following a path to the summit of one of the hills the path then flows downhill into a valley , this is when I noticed what I call the cellophane ufo’s as you do not see it all you see is a large sheet of cellophane paper rippling in the wind above you, now normally when I come across them they are small or look small about four square yards but in this case it seemed at least fifty square yards then it was gone . 

"We continued our walk along the valley then across the green to the return path that is at the other side off the hill , at this time I was looking up trying to see any other UFO and my wife had wandered about thirty yards in front of me when I saw her watching something on a green half way up the hill, when I arrived beside her she told me someone was watching us and pointed to the area and at first I never saw anything then a man came into view then seemed to bend over to do something now he was about fifty to one hundred yards from us so I assumed he was doing the same as us walking a dog so we continued our walk still watching his movements as it was midnight in the middle of nowhere so better safe than sorry. 

"As we followed the return path it took us up towards the green where we could still see what we took to be a man moving around on the green so even though it was quite light I switched on my torch and highlighted my dogs one is a longhaired German shepherd and the other is a cross ridgeback come great Dane both big dogs then turned my torch off again and continued up the hill to the return downhill path to the car park this took us to about fifteen yards from the man who at this time had turned and moved about two yards in our direction then stopped . 

"I now could see him very clearly his height was the first thing we noticed as he must have been over seven feet tall very thin dressed all in black now it was then that I noticed my wife kept referring to him as them but as I could only see one I did not mention this at the time anyway we continued walking up to the green then we reached the downhill stretch of the path we must have been about ten yards from him so we stopped and looked at him and he just continued to stand still and look at us this is when we could see he was a lot taller than seven feet he was big but very thin he then moved over about two yards then stopped and we just continued our walk down to the car and it was not until I started it and put on my lights ready to leave that the whole episode became clear and we started discussing the event, my wife was adamant that their was two people both very tall even though I only remember seeing one both dressed in black , the other strange fact is we cannot remember seeing a face only a tall black human shape arms legs ect I noticed a belt with what looked like silver buttons on it apart from that we cannot remember any other detail on the person . 

the other strange fact is that the dogs did not seem to notice him and where very calm and just wandering about as usual and that is very unusual for them as they normally stick close when nearing someone and get defensive, my wife and myself felt no threat at all or any fear and that is very unusual for my wife as she spooks very easily. even though I had my camera with me I had no inclination to take a photo yet this would have been the first move I would make I also noticed we had no missing time and if we did it would only be about fifteen minutes . The whole thing was really very weird.

"Went back last night hoping to see ET took the same route with my camera in my hand ready but nothing happened so headed for the green where we saw the figure and had a midnight picnic lol. Measured the flag pole that was in front of the figure it was six foot exactly and as we could see it was only reaching chest height on the figure would give an estimated height of eight foot .watched a ufo come in ,it started like a star moving across the sky then stopped and seemed to fall into our atmosphere getting really bright and trebled in size then stopped ,it was there about two minutes then the light moved across the sky and disappeared from sight , waited until dawn then left for home going back tonight .

"My wife is adamant that there was more than one .She referred to them as two from the moment she first noticed him and brought him to my attention and all the way up the path she again used the term them at least three times, now she is very articulate in her speech as most lawyers are so she must have been seeing two persons and according to her both looked the same all in black but on the other hand I am adamant I only saw one.

"I received an email from someone named Terry Hooper asking for photos of the area this happened at and full details but because of illness I only managed to deal with it today, so I had my daughter drive me up to the area and I showed her where it all happened so she could take photos for me as I am the worlds worst with a camera, anyway it took only five minutes to take the photos I needed then I returned to the small car park and we put the camera away in the boot , that’s when a large grey black colored helicopter flew over the hill to the car park , it circled us very slowly traveling at about fifty yard diameter and about forty feet high, it did this twice then hovered side on to us as we got into the car to drive off then it flew off fast in the direction it came from , then as we left the car park a black range rover with heavy black tinted windows followed us home even though I took detours away from the main roads , it seems I have attracted someone’s attention lol. The helicopter had no markings or numbers on it and I could see it very clearly, the rear window seemed tinted but I could see the pilot who was not in any uniform also I could see the door handles as it was that close. Have made complaints to the aviation authority but nothing is being done about it strange?

"That is it for now, I have excluded a few parts such as my involvement with a Mr. Mankins who was head of research and development for NASA or so I was told lol seems he is the top man, and I blame them for my sudden fall from good health as I turned them down at my meeting with him at nasa he Washington dc and opted to work with a Swiss banker that they asked us not to do lol nasty people lol had my first stroke a week later."

Again, Ufologists refused to consider a case for investigation but continued with their inter-group/personality arguing and focussing only on the fantasy of UFO crashes.  Was/is this fear of actually dealing with the Unknown but feeling safe dealing with the fantasy side of UFOs?

We may well have lost a significant case.

the following are the photographs JS sent me.

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