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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Mysterious Creature -19th December 2017

Mysterious Creature washes ashore on Cap Coast beach

THERE are many curiosities lurking beneath the waves and the discovery of a mystery creature on Emu Park beach has further sparked interest in what exactly lives beneath the depths.
Justin Hill discovered a deceased creature, “about 1.5 metres long” on the beach Thursday morning and reached out to the Yeppoon Families Facebook page for clarification.
According to Mr Hill, the creature appeared to be a shark, but it was unclear what kind it may be.
A further comment by Mr Hill on the post stated that the shark’s head was “the size of a basketball” and was “very flat [and] round” and it had teeth.
The tail area also appeared to be “eaten away” particularly on one side, and the creature had a set of gills, which speculators said eliminated the possibility it was a seal.
With Emu Park attracting some of the largest sharks on the coast, the surprise discovery calls to light the Senate inquiry regarding the replacement of shark nets and drumlines with “smart” drumlines.
The inquiry has been led by the Greens to ensure a safer alternative to shark restrictions and has Labor’s backing.
The “smart” drumlines will enable a rescue crew to to save and tag caught sharks.
The Coalition is rejecting the inquiry.
On January 6, 2016, a three to four metre tiger shark was spotted off Zilzie’s beach, headed towards Emu Park main beach.
The Yeppoon Coast Guard were contacted for comment.
In the meantime, fisherman and Morning Bulletin columnist Scott Lynch weighed in, saying:
“It is not a seal. It is most likely a grey reef shark. Seal has no gills for a start and a similar bone structure in their flipper that we have in our hands.”
Sarah Tysoe is ruling out any chance of the creating being a seal:
“All those people who say seal mustn’t do much fishing. Definitely a shark,” she posted.
Other commenters have said:
Grace Rayner: “That’s just the decaying body. The tail is facing the wrong direction for an animal that has gills. Most definitely a mammal – seal.”

NB: no one seems to be willing or have any close up photos of the head but to me this looks like a seal carcass.  We'll see...

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