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Friday, 29 December 2017

The Most Ground Breaking UFO Revelations Ever (well...)

Is everyone involved in Ufology just very dim these days?  They are astounded by documents released by the British Ministry of Defence via the National Archives such as:

1) UFO reports have been taken “seriously” by some of those in the Ministry of Defence in England, particularly by some of its “scientists and engineers”

I am sorry but the MoD has always stated that it can call upon scientists and other professionals to look at UFO reports and it has been widely known since the 1950s that there were those who believed UFOs were not of this Earth and those who did not.   There is nothing astonishing or ground-breaking in this.

2) A decision was taken in 1993 to classify a UFO study for the British Ministry of Defence and its output as “SECRET UK EYES B” explicitly “since a potential exists for political embarrassment”

Again,  nothing new. The whole reason that the AOP Bureau's officially unofficial worked stopped was because every agreement made by those who instigated the AOP B was reneged upon because it might be embarrassing. 

3) The British Ministry of Defence in 1993 was aware from intelligence sources that “Russia believes that such phenomena exist and has a small team studying them”

Again,  NOTHING new. The UK, France, Australia, United States -everyone knew that the Russians had a small UFO study group and there were enough articles about it in publications such as FSR in the 1980s.

4) The British Ministry of Defence was aware in 1993 that “an informal group exists in the US intelligence community” in relation to UFOs and that it was possible that this reflected “a more formal organization” or “more formal assessment activity”

Oh really, I am not writing "again".

5) In 1982, unnamed “US authorities” wished to have copies of any reports on a UFO incident which involved the launching of two USN F14 aircraft and the diversion of a RAF Phantom to “assist” a USAF aircraft to the south of Cyprus involved in a “UFO incident”. The few documents on this incident in the relevant file refer to various materials which are not included in the released material

I write nothing!

6) A British Air Attache in Paris in 1977 reported in that “the French military authorities had found nothing of an aggressive nature in the sightings although their scientists had been unable to explain the phenomena”

Okay, absolutely nothing new. As I discussed in High Strangeness/UFO Contact? the French attitude has been consistent since the 1940s and every other country could have learnt from "The French method". NOTHING new.

7) The Ministry of Defence had learnt in relation to sightings over Belgium in 1990 “informally, that the view of the Belgian Air Force is that a craft of some sort was involved and that they maintain an open mind on the sightings, which remain unexplained”

Oh come on. These points are all being treated by certain "elitist" (it is how they see themselves) Ufologists, who do everything from a comfy chair so as not to bruise their arses, as ground-breaking. This is the state of 'Ufology' now.

No, the Ministry of Defence never sent out "Men In Black" to silence witnesses and there was never ever a secret UFO study headed by Nick Pope -I had an internet exchange with an American over this last week and gave up because...the person in question seemed unable to understand what I was stating. The UK has always exchanged UFO information with its allies but mainly as an informal "So what's new?" Q&A.

From trying to set out investigating flying saucers in the early 1950s to subject has devolved into a factless, repetitive arm of the entertainment industry. Are there no really serious Ufologists out there now or is it all now pure spin?

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