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Thursday, 1 February 2018

So, Cryptozoologists are 17 years Behind Everyone Else And Object To Truth?

As an example of why I have given up...Cryptozoologie, sur la pistes des bêtes ignorées posted on their Face Book page about "Oliver the humanzee" and stated that it had not been proven that he was not a human-chimp hybrid.  I responded that it HAD been proven (I covered this in one of my books).

Cryptozoologie, sur la pistes des bêtes ignorées: proved? Interesting. Do you have a link

Well, this is old news -1999? but I sent a link from a recognised primate group that referred to DNA test results.  Solid Science.

I got this notification:
Your comment on Cryptozoologie, sur la pistes des bêtes ignorées's post was marked as spam. Review the comment.
17 minutes ago

So I sent this message:

 I responded to your request with a link -this has been marked as spam so I assume you are NOT looking for true answers?

Now I cannot post to the page.

Everything you need to know about cryptozoologists right there.

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