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Monday, 5 March 2018


So far, the Ghost Club Face Book page has still not published my post.  This does not really surprise me because it appears to be nothing more than a hobby page at best.  There are those who state they are out-and-out sceptics (at least to me in messages asking me to join their sceptical group of non-believers") and those for who a breeze turning a page of a book while they are sat in the garden is evidence of ghosts.

"Can a Ouija board be used safely during hunts and investigations?"

Simply put Ouija Boards were created as a kids games and has been fantasized into some form of paranormal communication device with no explanation other than "Spirits use it to communicated".  It's fake.

"Do you think spirits can cause mental illness in the living?" 

Simply put, the 'spirits' may be a manifestation of mental illness. Or, it may well be a manifestation of the Id -if you read my book UFO Contact? you will know what I mean via the case of Ruth.

"Can cats see ghosts?"  "Can ghosts move house with you?" all questions asked because "it would be interesting to hear your opinion". 

So long as your opinion is that of a believer.

There were three people who had seen "perfectly clear" spirit manifestations on video footage taken outdoors and twice indoors.  "Please can you show us the clip?" I asked (no one else bothered as they just accepted the statement!).  Two never followed up so I can call BS on them.  The third -the person who recorded a solid apparition walking toward her husband in the house...didn't want others to see it. I have to also call BS on that because the excuse of not wanting the husband identified was silly.  Even if not for general release there are many ways you can mask someone's identity in footage.

Claim after claim with absolutely nothing -zero- in the way of even circumstantial evidence.

In fact, my post has now appeared so here it is:

I was going to respond to another post but here are my thoughts on the current state of things in our subject.
We need to progress beyond this silly belief that a board invented as a game is equivalent to standing in a bowl of water while grabbing an electrical cable.
It does nothing other than act as a spark for those unprepared to deal with the subject matter.
We need to progress beyond believing that demons, hell holes, gateways to hell and some fella with horns and a pitchfork exist. If we throw those childish ideas aside then we have to ask what we are dealing with.
Despite all the people shouting when this is said or written, absolutely NO 100% evidence has ever been forthcoming to prove demons or the devil or even ghosts exist -I don't like the idea that, like many others over hundreds of years, I have wasted my time.
Fakers, creatures of the mind will always be here. Even the Church now psychologically evaluates persons claiming to be possessed. Sitting back and watching TV trash ghost programmes, reading books that can be very dubious or listening to pod casts that really do nothing but waste time.
We need to decide whether this is a hobby or do we really need to re-assess what our approach will be and what we hope to achieve.
At the moment I can see someone in 2230 writing this same thing.

My response to shouts of "sceptic!" is simple.

Who has observed, since a child, on several occasions, seemingly dark and very solid figures that ought not to be?

Well I can tick that box.

Who has observed poltergeist activity at close quarters?

Another tick there. In fact it was not until much later that I was told about other "paranormal" activity witnessed by 2-3 people at a time including independent back-up of my own day time sightings of what we jokingly called "the Monk" outside the house.

Who, on one occasion observed a large, no features, smokey grey figure several yards away ...with two other witnesses?

Tick again.

Who, walking down the stairs of a modern built building got to a certain point and felt uncontrollable fear that made them RUN back upstairs? 

I can tick that box and it was a family situation.  No ghost talk and only after I asked my sister and her partner if they had noticed anything odd about the stairs was it revealed that my sister would not go down to the area alone and even her partner (ex-Army martial arts champion) noted he had "almost crapped my own pants a couple times!"

Who has observed various sized strange light phenomena at a distance of 10-100 metres and for durations of 30 seconds to approximately 25 minutes?  With independent reports of "UFO" activity at the time?

Box ticked.

Who has observed (at least) twice two animal forms -one near an inner city park the other in a German forest- animal life that cannot be explained?

Box ticked.

A lot of this has been covered in my books and as I am aware of every second that I observed the lights (via wrist watch, a clock and on three occasions TV programmes I was watching) I was not abducted!  The book UFO Contact? looks at something that could explain ghosts, alien abductions and much more and yet people who profess interest will not read the book.  All sorts of excuses come from the "paranormal" lobby as well as the "cryptozoologists" and "Ufologists" because, even if presented with concrete facts such as a witness stating in writing that he/she "never stated any such thing" will offer some dumb explanation why the witness is wrong!

We need to get away from demons, the devil, ghosts, "Greys" and look at other possibilities. If those involved are not willing to do that then they are hobbyists who probably get all their 'factual' research information from Dr Who or Ghost Adventures.

The whole point is that there are mysteries out there and we need to look at those and discover truth and gain knowledge and develop. 

Pointing at a piece of wood with letters on and hysterically screaming "There be demons and devils there!" is putting ourselves back in the caves.

Note that High Strangeness and UFO Contact? are the same book but different formats ditto Mysterious & Strange Beasts and Strange & Mysterious Beasts

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