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Monday, 23 April 2018

Here we go

As I mentioned at the start of April, the PayPal donation button to the right was put there in a last ditched attempt to keep this blog going.  A friend urged me to do this and I guaranteed him that, as before, it would just be there gathering internet dust.

Everyone coming to this site sees that PayPal donation box.

Everyone ignores it. Yes, that's right, thousands of you are just here for the freebie.  I doubt any of you even noticed that CBO was gone for a number of hours.

I run the Alan Class blog, the UK and British Golden Ages blogs, the AOP blog -many, many visitors -combined the views reach well over 4 million. Now, these blogs contain original material and images often thought lost or unknown about.  I had thought that inspired by these blogs people might actually buy a book or two and get far, far more information and comic work. No one buys books.

So, I closed down the AOP, British and Golden Ages blogs.  I have just closed the Alan Class blog. There is a lot of work running these blogs and much of it gets stolen by others to use as 'their' work.  If I do not get feedback, sales or anything out of these groups why continue with them?  If the many thousands visiting them do not want to buy books but just take...fair enough.  Let them find somewhere else.

Todays 7 hour closure of CBO did not solicit one question or querying email.

Tried everything. Given up now. Eventually I am just going to say "fuck it" and pull the plug here, too.  Most of you probably have not noticed how many comic blogs have been vanishing?

The promise I made was that the PayPal donation box would remain open until may or,  at the very most, the 15th May. Then it goes and as I get weary of typing to myself so will I.

Apathy done it!

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