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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

VERY Interesting

Back around Christmas time I sent a friend in the United States a copy of UFO Contact? and he was over-joyed.

I thought no more of it until a week ago when he told me he still had contacts in the US Air Force and had lent the book to one of these.  Then another borrowed it. He was then asked a lot of questions about my current work in UFOs.  He was told my book had piqued a great deal of curiosity amongst certain people but he couldn't (wouldn't -which is fair enough) tell me whom. "Expect a few copies to be ordered soon".

Yeah, that was going to happen (which is sarcasm incidentally.

Today five copies sold to one buyer in the United States. Unlike a normal purchase where I can see who purchased a copy with this order I could not. So I checked with my Print On Demand company under a false pretext to find the buyer. "We can't disclose that.  It's a private buyer"


So, odd days!

(and I will have US tax taken from the sale so no profit)

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