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Sunday, 22 July 2018

I Would Call It A Success

Seriously.  Someone who was a self-declared sceptic was given a copy of UFO Contact? as a gift. He laughed and said he would "see if I get time to read it".

My guess was that he might just so that he could throw things back at me as being wrong. He was, after all, not beyond a bit of debunking.  That was in December 2017.  Today he wrote this:

"It is unsettling. I checked several sources you mention in the hopes of finding something amiss there. Nothing. I am now in my 67th year and your bloody book has me convinced something is going on.  It's too hard to dismiss. I hate you!"

There was a big Smiley after that last comment.

I know how he feels, though: going into the project I thought I was going to come up with other conclusions. "Ruth Syndrome" he called "a mind-blower!"

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