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Sunday, 29 July 2018

This proves my point

Yesterday morning I was told, by a person involved in Forteana, that there had been a lot of discussion amongst ufologists and cryptozoologists about my books. Apparently, my last two (Mysterious & Strange Beasts and UFO Contact?) were the focus of a lot of discussion.

It seems that I was "attacking" the subjects and identifying deliberate hoaxes and cases of a dubious nature.  That would bring their subjects into question.

My response was "Don't they have any investigations or research work to carry out?"

As I tried to relax in the evening I got a message from another man.  He was a full on ufologist and was alerting me to the same thing as the earlier contact.  Now, normally, I would think it was a put on job but the problem here is that these two men  hate each other with a vengeance.

Now, my response has to be this: I know which bodies have purchased copies of one of those titles. That is it. This discussion was amongst people who have not purchased copies and so have no idea what they contain. Guilty consciences somewhere?

So what was suggested for dealing with me? Popular was accusing me of being a government agent out to disrupt UFO research. Very unoriginal.  Also, I think that my finances show I am NOT being paid by anyone! This is the sort of silly nonsense I have heard since the 1980s -including the one about being flown to the Falklands/Malvinas in the 1980s by the Ministry of Defence to look into UFO sightings there. That little lie came from hoaxer Eric Morris.

There were suggestions of trolling, though it was noted I report these things and publicise who is carrying trolling out (you CANNOT remain anonymous online these days) and that could back-fire. Threats?  Oh yeah, that 'would' work!  In the end it was decided to do everything possible to discourage people from buying the books (that they themselves had not read).

As far as I am aware these were people all in the UK.

And all of this proves my point. There is no real or serious UFO or cryptozoological research going on in the UK.

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