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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sasquatch Does NOT Exist

Bigfoot Files

According to Prof Sykes the question of whether Sasquatch exists is answered. It does not. 

Was Meldrum and his work with alleged sasquatch footprints spoken to? No.

Was Grover Krantz' work looked at? No.

Was the "Patty" footage even mentioned? No.

Minnesota Iceman?  No.

Any of the solid cases? No.

Not even dismissed because the programme was only interested in the hair DNA and I can tell you as a naturalist of 40+ years there are hairs everywhere in the wild. You HAVE to see the animal leave the hair and get it.

Smeja was proven a liar -I did say from the start I never believed that tale based on hearing and seeing his interviews.

So now everyone will believe there is no Yeti and no Sasquatch -mainly because Sasquatch hairs were NOT collected.

It was Channel 4 -what did I expect.

But Sykes could only base results on those hair samples and I was a little taken back by his end words seemingly dismissing it all as a modern myth.

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