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Monday, 28 October 2013

Sykes DNA Results -Where Is The Bigfoot Investigators Response?

Jeffrey Meldrum bigfoot yeti
 Prof. Jeff Meldrum and a Sasquatch track

So, last night, after Channel 4s Bigfoot DNA programme which at one point looked like it was going to be straight faced about Bigfoot (the sudden "loony tunes" type jingle when two "Bigfootologists"(??!) appeared gave the game away, I posted to Bigfoot Discovery Project/Museum, Bigfoot Encounters -in fact, every Bigfoot site I could think of to explain WHY this programme had not disproven the existence of Sasquatch.

Got up this morning expecting to see responses....nothing.

In fact, my comments have vanished from a couple sites including The Museum of the Weird, Bigfoot Discovery Project/Museum

Cryptozoology Online, based in the UK offered up -performer Lou Reed was dead.  Then, they are not that credible.

Cryptomundo. Nothing. Well, "Best Bigfoot Beard"??

Bigfoot Evidence gives a link to "Rev. Jeff" and his thoughts"........

Cryptozoology News....nothing.

BFRO -nothing.

I am shocked. The Bigfoot community got some advance warning about the results so you might expect them to start putting the response together before everyone dismisses "Bigfootologists" as goofy nut jobs. Nothing. I am seriously hoping the silence is being miss-read by me and that there is a counter offensive about to start and pre-empt the US screening. If not, AFTER the show will be too late.

I corresponded with Ivan T. Sanderson and others at SITU about Sasquatch just as I did with George Haas (Bay Area Group) and many others. By this time those people would have been launching a counter offensive.

Next Generation I guess.

There were, as I mentioned in the last posting, LOTS of evidence that was just dismissed without even investigating -"well, plaster casts are all fake and don't provide any evidence" and Mark Farmer, who I at first thought was going to be serious smarmed his way through brief interviews.

Sykes and Farmer joked about how "Bigfootologists" hearing the mythical Bigfoot "wood-knocking" and who responded back were probably 'communicating with other "bigfootologists" who thought they were communicating with bigfoot. Oh how I laughed.

Thing is, serious Sasquatch researchers go out into the field and note things, today more and more on video, such as "odd smell at 11.50pm" or "Wood knocking heard and responded to at 1230 am" (usually with knock sequence and times. This all goes on the internet so some keen eye is quickly going to point out that two groups were in the same area and reported the same thing -they were NOT communicating with Bigfoot.

But let's not even think about that.

The major problem, as any naturalist will tell you, is that fur and hair in the wild is left everywhere.  You have to SEE the animal brush up against a wire fence, post or something else then grab the samples. The provenance of the samples Sykes used were what we would call "non-worthy" and would not be tested. What about all the other "unidentified by testing" samples from universities, etc., we hear about? Are they not cooperating on this project?

What about the alleged fecal matter in cold storage?

But no, "Bigfoot is a modern myth" fits better.

And Smeja? No doubt he innocently picked up the sample thinking it was from the Bigfoot he shot when in fact it was left there when two bear predators fought over the carcass. yowch.

In my last book I pointed out WHY I had been changed from a total skeptic to someone thinking there really IS something out there. And I still do.

The Bigfoot community needs to get its collective ass together NOW.

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