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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

No Pun Intended But Ghost Adventures Is Dead.

 Above: The Old Ghost Adventures Team

Well, I've just watched Ghost Adventures Season10 Episode 07: Nopeming Sanatorium.  For me this has to be the end as far as watching this as anything but "background".


The intro tells us how the team has worked for years to establish its reputation and gather "solid" evidence.  How true that was. Season 9 was bad enough, but tolerable but season 10 has produced Zak Bagans going more over the top than ever before.  Almost hysterical in his claims at times.  Every slamming door, piece of falling debris from deserted, dilapidated and downright falling apart buildings are signs of ghost actively responding or leading them on.

No "demonic force" on this episode?? Someone slipped.


I am getting VERY suspicious of some of their technical gear -I'd love to see a real, accredited professor of electronics or physics test this gear.  And "Hello" that they heard on the EVP recorder (folks, it is JUST a digital recorder) ....I listened... listened... listened... .nope. No "Hello".


And we see the team getting unprecedented access to a building and they are told a tunnel is dangerous and sealed off.  We then have smirking Bagans use a previous trespasser to push home the message that you must never ever trespass or break-in to property.  Good.


Oh.  Bagans and his team are, obviously, the exception.  They CAN pull all the rubbish used to seal off the entrance to the dangerous tunnel.  Hey, **** the site owners who are doing them a big favour by letting them into the hospital (I wonder what the reaction was when they saw the team break in?).  So what did they find? Seriously dangerous walls, ceiling and floor all on the verge of collapse.  Bagans is not going to risk his neck -he is fare too important after all.  No, their tech Bill goes down the tunnel.  Yay.


Have I mentioned I am also getting very suspicious of some of the people they talk to?


Season 10 has produced major events -Nick Groff going off to make his own show but his name is never mentioned nor was an explanation given for his absence.  Did he jump or WAS he pushed?  I'm beginning to wonder.


The other major events are that (1) there seems to be no real editing of the programme.  Leading on from that you have (2) what at times appears to be very bad acting in scenes that look like they were cut from a very badly financed horror film.  (3) There is a beginning to each programme -usually messy- but the middle and particularly the end leave you asking "What the ***** hell just happened?"


Three men, three cameras and three digital recorders were perfect. But watching seasons 9 and 10 I am beginning to wonder whether it is just the narcissistic Bagans with his over acting to be the centre of attention that is ruining things?  Is it his increasing ego -even Arron seems to be pushed more into the shade.


From the documentary right through to season 8 I was telling people that this was a series they really SHOULD be watching. 


No more.  The Golden Age of Ghost Adventures was Seasons 1-8 but even by 8 Bagans was beginning to be THE centre of attention rather than the actual investigations.


Very depressing.


Above: There is no "Team" in Bagans

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