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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

22,000 Views Is Not Bad....That Was THEN -This Is Now!

In October, 2015, I was slightly staggered that this blog had a dizzying 22,000 views since 2011. The total number of views (just registered by blogger to keep things sane since adding views from elsewhere trebles the total!) as of today stands at 345, 168  which is, what, 320,000+ more views in a couple of years?

It makes it even more mysterious as to why no books sell?

With 345, 168 views perhaps the suggestion of a You Tube show dealing with all things AOP would not be a bad idea -but as I do not have a production company it doesn't seem likely.

However, I would like to thank everyone who checks out the blog.

Thank You


This blog is now reaching 22,000 views.  Not bad since on average (before I started posting more!) it only used to be 2-4 views a day.

I'm guessing that I must be doing something right, however, I no longer try to find what is attracting people because if you do find out what it is and start posting more of the same views drop off.  I think "pick and mix" is best!

I am sure you all have a reason for viewing this blog.  Interest.  Or (and if it is this one then PLEASE get in touch!) a personal experience. A blog is a little like a book.  You write something.  You know someone is reading it. You just have no idea what they think about what you've written!

So, please let me know what you think and if you have had a personal experience with something anomalous get in touch.


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