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Monday, 19 January 2015

Yet Another TV Series Dumped ...For 'Reality TV'!

Right, my Google+ views have grown by over 10,000 in a week so I posted this item there first.  But everyone might as well know!

I've written three hefty books on strange phenomena covering ghosts, UFOs, unknown sea creatures, Sasquatch and so on.  I had hoped to start 2015 off with good news.

I was approached last October by a film company that wanted to produce a TV series based on material from the books.  I sent everything they needed.  Before Christmas I was told that in January we could get around to discussing money, production and so on.

I heard last Friday that the company owners think "reality TV is where the money is"  so all the work for nothing.  Fourth company to do this since November 2013.

Looks like TV will never see my glamorous face....hang on....I know WHY they are doing this!  I'm too gorgeous for TV!!!!!

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