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Friday, 6 February 2015

Bigfoot vs Buffalo (ThinkerThunker)

Someone sent me this link and asked: "What do you think?"   So I watched without sound.  Saw the people in various jackets (grey and black) and watched the Bison.  Then came the object by the bison and I thought "That's faked!" So I turned on the sound. 

Just WHAT the hell is this person talking about??? 

Everything from the "non human length of the arms" (that are quite normal in length) to the massive "speeds" these, uh, 'bigfoot are walking, to the risk of  being charged by the is fantasy.  

Just LOOK at the people moving in the background -the first with the "bad leg" looks exactly like a man walking in slippery conditions. 

My theory is that these are pigmy bison which are only 3-3.5 feet tall.  So a normal man would look that big (especially if the image was as distorted as that) Believe that? Then you'll believe this is a group of Bigfoot!

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