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Friday, 6 February 2015

Riddle House Paranormal Investigation with WIRK

I was sent this video link by someone -via You Tube which is odd since I have NOTHING on YT that is paranormal orientated at all.   I did watch the video -in the end three times and the sound up loud.  I cannot hear the EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena)  just static. 

I am also finding it hard to accept these stick figures representing the presence of a ghost.  I have seen it on Ghost Adventures -and the other gear- BUT until I have seen a recognised, qualified physicist or engineer unconnected with paranormal groups and who has tested the gear state that it is all legit and that the claimed results are  I will not accept them. 

Remember "Orbs" and "Rods" -all the result of digital cameras with which people were unfamiliar -I've got great shots of a room crowded with orbs!  This was hailed as "digital technology finally providing photographic proof of ghosts" 

No. It just showed how GOOD digital cameras were and just how much detail they picked up.  If we could get the equipment assessed THEN that might just say that these are tools worth having in investigations.

 The same applies to EVPs -some I have heard are VERY similar to investigators voices (I am NOT referring to this video).  Sounds and recordings can be easily analysed by experts these days -voice comparison recording of the investigator(s) -if they are honest then why refuse?- can be used to check for fakery.  It might even be possible to get data back that can be turned into something useful for future investigations by adjusting equipment.

Paranormal investigators claim they are looking for scientific and irrefutable evidence of whatever 'ghosts' might be -yet they are not forwarding the material the have for scientific study/analysis. 

Why not?  

All very interesting but just another ghost-hunter documentary.  But I will check in on future videoes. You never know!

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