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Saturday, 26 September 2015

REAL Poltergeist Activity captured in Irish Home!! Must watch!!

I was sent a link to this.  I was asked (again!) "What do you think?" 

I think hoax. Nice soundtrack for atmosphere don't you think?  Also, notice that big fridge-freezer? Big enough to hide someone.  Notice how the broom(?) handle by the sofa falls in that direction.  The kitchen pan moves in that direction.  The cupboard door moves in that direction while the room light sways about and at one point it is patently angled and giving all the signs of having string or wire attached. 

The moving high brightness light bulb distracts from any obvious fraud that might be otherwise noted easily. And the camera is always held so that it catches the movement on cue, bad panning technique to again distract.  That red washing basket? 

Check it out because it does not even look like it is flat on the ground.  This object is, uh, "pushed" toward the camera holder.  Now I may be playing my cards close to my chest there so as to hide what I really think.


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