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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Anomalous Photographs. July, 2010 -Up-date.

I was asked what happened to this post from 2010 (so this blog has been going since 2008/9 and I thought it was later!)?  No, I was not "silenced" and the photographs were not "seized"!  Where are you people getting this from?

The post is still there but to save you a long search -here!


The following photographs were taken on a hot sunny day in July 2010.  The location was Purdown, Lockleaze, Bristol, from which you can see most of the City.  The photographer and his partner were not the only ones present -so was I!

The photographer (DMH) shouted "I can't believe what I just saw -I think I got it on the camera!"  He then pointed out where the objects had come from and took a photograph.

I had been distracted at the time but I can make it clear that absolutely NO FAKERY was involved.

I waited to see whether the images showed anything and soon received this one:

And then I got an excited call about a figure in the window of the building the objects had shot from.  Look at the second window where you can see what appears to be a "Grey" type entity.

I can swear on any number of Bibles that these are NOT faked.  They show exactly what was seen at the time and the witness CAN be trusted. Had I not been distracted with my own suddenly malfunctioning camera (a few hundred yards away) I might have seen or photographed the same things.

I tried to get in touch with  former official contacts about this but was informed that none were now at the Ministry of Defence and when I asked whether I should forward a report and copies of the images was told:"No need. We are no longer interested in UFOs. You could try a civilian UFO group."

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