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Friday, 9 October 2015

German TV Einige Sachen Sonderbare und Finstere? Who Knows!

I was contacted by Herbert Wemm. Back in the 1990s I was in contact with him via TV projects I was working on for Germany.  Most of the companies such as N3, ADR, etc., were all interested in jointly funding programmes and ITV at the time was in favour.

Of course, I had no reckoned on ITV being run by two-faced, back-stabbing liars who were out to waste time.  Various German companies okayed programmes and I told ITV who then responded with "are they willing to fund the entire series?"


The whole -agreed- point was joint ITV-German funding. Everything was ready. The scripts and even crews.  But ITV decided that it just could not be bothered.  One director even told me "They never really intended to put money in. The hope was that a German TV company would step in and pay for everything and ITV would buy a series to show in the UK -a lot cheaper."

TV is still like that.

So, why did Wemm contact me?  Well, he pointed out that German TV were showing the usual US paranormal TV shows but nothing Europe based.  Let's face it, with the legends and accounts coming from Germany and Europe that makes no sense.  He suggested reviving the old TV series idea -the one that spawn Some Things Strange And Sinister- and I have to admit to asking "Why not?" 

A solely German TV  made series seemed better than trusting a UK company.  My experiences with both the BBC and ITV showed me that neither could be taken at their word.

So, in 2016 I am going to start looking at the idea.  After all I need to think about financing a life style where I can afford to eat!

Wemm did suggest that I ought to translate Some Things Strange and Sinister into German.  Well, firstly, the book is not the hottest seller and my German would fail on the introduction and translation services are not cheap.  So Einige Sachen Sonderbare und Finstere is not likely to appear very soon!

But TV.  Yeah, I'll give anything a go at my age.

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