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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Life On Pluto Found?

If the speculation is correct then I have to write "Wow!" again.  This will be the second major announcement from NASA in a month after the "waters on Mars" one.

Dead Pluto might not be so dead,

NASA Is About To Make An ‘Amazing’ Announcement About Pluto


NASA is set to reveal an ‘amazing’ discovery about the icy dwarf planet Pluto on Thursday, according to a scientist at the agency.

Dr Alan Stern, principal investigator on NASA’s New Horizons probe, which recently imaged the planet, revealed the impending announcement at the University of Alberta in Canada.

Stern said, ‘Nasa won't let me tell you what we're going to tell you on Thursday. It's amazing.’

He said, ‘This world is alive. It has weather, it has hazes in the atmosphere, active geology...

‘Every week I am floored.’

NASA’s tiny New Horizons probe travelled three billion miles to Pluto - but now it’s going even further into the unknown.

NASA has picked out the next target for the probe - a mysterious 30-mile object called 2014 MU69, which is a billion miles further into the ‘Kuiper Belt’ region.

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