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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Open Project Invitation To Serious UFO Researchers

Below are all the main file report folders regarding Alien Entities and CE IIIK encounters I have accumulated since 1977.  Eight contain UK reports.

In the main the report summaries from every corner of the globe up until the 1990s (see explanation that follows ib main text) can contain a paragraph, page or several pages -all with references.  Second from the left on the bottom shelf is the United States folder.

There are many old cases that have never been trabslated into English will probably not be in this data base. What follows is part of a document sent out to some European, Mexican and US Ufologists.  If you are a serious researcher then here is your opportunity to help complete a permanent database for research.

Please contact me via
Humanoid Close Encounter Of The Third Kind (CE IIIK)

Terry Hooper-Scharf

Anomalous Observational Phenomena Bureau

 Note: (“AE” seemed to be non-commital in the sense that it was not claiming extra-terrestrial or other origins for what were reported as living entities just stating these things were “Alien” or strange to us in every day life)

Brief Introduction

When I first got interested in the subject of UFOS, around 1973, it was still quite common to refer to these as “flying Saucers” and if you even thought about considering the possibility that any living creature might be in these objects, well, you were a “bit odd”.

In fact, it was still accepted that George Adamski and his Venusians, Martians, Saturnians and others were “genuine” despite the accounts have huge indicators in them that screamed “hoax”.  Other Contactees were also still accepted.

I recall discussing what I termed “Alien Entity” with the UKs oldest flying saucer group –the British Flying Saucer Bureau (BFSB) which was an amalgam of the Flying Saucer Club and UK branch of the International Flying Saucer Bureau set up by Albert K. Bender.  The reaction was derisory laughter because these reports “tend to come from crackpots or people who are hallucinating” –the BFSB up until the late 1980s still held George Adamski to be a truthful contactee with denizens of other planets.

The only helpful response I got was from the BFSBs long time Director of Investigation and Research (a job I later took on) Graham F. N. Knewstub. Graham was towing the BFSB line but made it clear that if such reports existed then they did need to be looked into seriously.  The BFSB had, in its early newsletter, Flying Saucer News, briefly reported on a couple of UK CE IIIK/AE cases but to my shock they had not been thoroughly investigated –rather discarded.

Franklyn A. Davin-Wilson was a BFSB Committee Member who did encourage investigation and even set me off pursuing cases that had creature but no UFO reported.  Like Graham Knestub, Franklyn suggested that I contact the two foremost UFO groups in the UK: Contact UK and the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA).
At BUFORA, only Norman Oliver, who had investigated a number of AE cases including a possible abduction during World War II (Albert Lancashire), was willing to support work looking at such cases. But BUFORA as a whole looked on “humanoid”/”Alien” sightings as “not kosher”. 

When US researcher Ted Bloecher asked for the UK section of his Hum-Cat (Humanoid Catalogue) to be up-dated in the late 1970s, he turned to BUFORA who were totally lost until the Director of Research pointed out that I kept a catalogue of such cases.  And so I up-dated the UK section of Hum-Cat –for which BUFORA took full credit.

BUFORA were, in fact, not much help at all.

Contact UK were far more open to AE accounts but investigation was not good.  Brinsley Le Poer Trench (Lord Clancarty) told me that there had been, in the mid 1960s, a case similar to that of Antonio Villas Boas that was handed to Contact UK to investigate.  At the time the AVB case was unknown in the UK.  When I asked Contact UK if I could see its case report I was told that they could not find one or any reference to the abductee, Eugene Brown but just had basic details.

Ufology in the UK became embroiled in a war between “New Ufologists” who thought it was “all psychological” and the “nuts and bolts ETH” faction. In fact, New Ufologists seemed to twist or even alter sections of reported cases to suit whatever theory they had at the time or article/book they were trying to sell.

Seeing “prominent UFO investigators” state in magazines, on TV and on radio that UFOs were all psychological stopped a lot of people reporting UFO sightings because they were frightened of being called “mental” –and if you were a “nut-case” for reporting a UFO what were you if you reported a UFO and landing and AEs?

And I can tell you this because I spoke to more than a few people put in that position.  I met one woman in her thirties who had life long experiences seeing UFOs and perhaps even an AE on one occasion.  She was passed from UFO group to group and when I inquired about her from one group I was told “she’s not all there in the head”.  In fact, I examined her face after one incident –it was swollen and red and quite warm on one side only.  Correspondence she sent me echoed things that have only come to light in US cases since the 1990s –but this was in the 1970s.

Another woman in her thirties had various sightings and at least two encounters since childhood.  Again, mocked and not taken seriously but I spent a great deal of time talking to her and her husband.  Fellow Ufologists even attempted to prevent investigation by stating I was having an affair with the woman –but I learnt a lot from police methods.  Any interview was either with her husband present or at my grand parents home where I lived so there was no possibility of an “affair”.  The woman was married but it made no difference to my colleagues who wanted her gone from the scene because AE reports were “total rot and rubbish –she’s unhinged!”

In the 1970s I began noting in articles for the BUFORA Journal and other publications, the number of “Time Lapse” cases.  BUFORA were not going to accept that.  In fact, when it came to the Betty and Barney Hill case I was even told the cases couldn’t be taken seriously –“Come on, it’s a white woman married to a black man!”

It turned out that BUFORA had a few totally un- investigated Time Lapse (or “Missing Time”) cases but when I tried to follow them up the witnesses wanted nothing further to do with UFO investigators.

The UK was also getting mixed bag reporting from its UFO/flying saucer publications.  Cases from Europe known by investigators in the countries involved to be hoaxes or true psychological cases, were reported as genuine and defying explanation –even though it is known those publications knew the true explanation.

I have a dozen or so of the big Lever Arch files that contain reports from around the world of AEs.  These reports vary from a sentence (all that was published in English) to paragraph or page or several pages in some cases. Summaries are placed in these of books dealing with specific encounters such as the Hills, Travis Walton, etc.

I have been lucky in that noted researchers outside the UK have been able to furnish information on cases from their countries such as  Luis R. Gonzalez  and  Anders Liljegren –the information being sent in English language format means accounts in English language publications can be accurately corrected for researchers.

The Catalogue/Data Base

The idea of the Humanoid Close Encounter Of The Third Kind (CE IIIK) Catalogue is to try to build up as complete as possible a data base of case summaries in the English language.  As it is hoped that Italian, Spanish, German, French, Nederlands and other countries researchers will cooperate there was to be a common language used.  English seems to best option since it allows me to coordinate and, if a researcher from, say, Spain asks what cases I have from that country I can list these and if necessary scan the report entries (which would contain location, date, time, report summary, sources, etc). 

These scans would be free of charge, obviously, this is absolutely not a project to make money but a research project.  It makes sense than a data base that covers many countries and to which many researchers contribute should be in English and free of any charge –the idea of charging a “fee for services” appals me slightly!

But we need to first work out certain aspects –I’ll go through some of these now.

Since Budd Hopkins’ Missing Time, TV, movies and popular culture has resulted in an explosion of reported “abductions” involving “Greys”.  The fact that these “Greys” tend to vary in description has not worried many it seems. The artists, under guidance from investigators, produce a number of interpretations of “Greys” all of which are described as “the standard Grey alien” –even illustrations of Betty and Barney Hills’ abductors have been altered to look like “the Greys” –and the famous Kelly-Hopkinsville AEs have gotten similar treatment.

According to Hopkins and Dr David M. Jacobs, both of whom I have corresponded with, they estimate a “conservative 2% of the world’s human population” has been abducted –a generational event.  The current Earth population of humans stands at +/- 7.3 billion.  So if 2% of this figure consists of abductees then that means there are 146,000,000 million abductees.  All, we are told, abducted by The Greys who were, up until the 1980s, not really known –the idea that they all look like Whitley Streiber’s alien on the cover of Communion is not really born out my some witness illustrations that vary and the use of hypnosis has not help spread anything but confusion.

We have “missing foetus syndrome” –exploited in way by some UFO researchers yet was more than adequately explained by veteran Ufologist Ann B. Druffel (Druffel. A/ 1991. “”Missing Foetus” Case Solved.” MUFON Journal 283:8-12).  Up until the work of Hopkins and then Jacobs I am unaware of any cases of women abducted, impregnated and who lose the foetus –let alone huge chambers filled with a vast number of foetuses floating in “embryonic fluid”.

Whether we are dealing with a mass psychosis or something else, which in previous non-UFO generations was symbolised by faeries, “the old hag” or whatever, the exploitation of these people for the “next big angle” in alien abductions continues.  It has gone from generational abductions (ie: the great grand mother, the grand mother then the daughter and her daughter are all abductees) to even accounts of seeing Greys “pre-birth” and even in “previous lives”.  Now we are told, by Dr Jacobs and many others that the alien hybrids have taken control and are amongst us (Jacobs, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan To Control Humanity, Disinformation Books Ltd, 2015).

Most UFO investigators are not prepared for what the task involves –once an alleged alien abductee is taken on as a case that investigator has a duty of care to insure they are helped rather than exploited for a file/book or whatever.  It has developed in such way that abductee cases are being investigated by other abductees or “Experiencers” depending on what slant they look at these cases from. 

So, the new abductee, having read books or seen a TV programme about UFO abductions is now told what happened to them and they add things from this which others say “that’s just like me!”  And worse are the number of abductees who read all the books by Hopkins or Jacobs and the material subconsciously builds up.
The question is: should these cases be included in a data base proposed here?  Or should there simply be an entry for cases we know of such as:

“Jon Smith   Reports that he has been abducted since a child by Greys”

Followed by a source reference or group/investigator contact info?  Maintaining a data base with full case history of every person claiming to have been abducted by Greys would require a warehouse.

Firstly, I think the best idea is to up-date a data base with all reports made prior to Hopkins’ books or TV series such as Dark Skies, The X-Files, et al. So up to 1985?

Then cases would be added that are reported after that date that refer to AEs that do not match the standard Greys abduction scenario unless the entities look similar but there are either multiple witnesses (unknown to each other), physical traces that have been investigated or other factors -?

Format.  I would suggest Word Doc. Files for each case for a simple reason.  If the case reports are in English then a researcher in Italy or Germany could, if necessary, copy and paste from Word Doc. To something like Google Translate –not perfect I know but possibly the best we can do at present.

The biggest problem would be in getting a researcher from any country involved who would be responsible for gathering and translating the reports into English for the data base.  Not perfect English because corrections can be made.

The stance of the AOP B and this catalogue is simple: it has to be impartial. If witnesses simply report a UFO and AE –no more- then that is what it is classed as: we have nothing to state with 100% certainty the origins.  If an abductee states he/she were told the abductors were from outer space, another dimension or where ever then that is stated in the report –because unless we can prove other wise who are we to argue?

If a case is believed to be a hoax or even a psychological case or perhaps even a mis-identification of something, the investigator needs to note this along with reasons why he/she suspects or has proven this.

Is this workable?  If researchers from different countries cannot cooperate on this project in 2015 and beyond then then we really are in a mess.  We need to sort out fact from sensationalism.  Give ourselves a solid data base we can build on because apart from the Grey obsessed UFO groups/investigators and sensationalist TV programmes and magazine articles we have no other sources –whose information can we trust?

That is the long winded proposal.  All that is needed now is for, I hope, Ufologists to spread the word and contribute.

Please contact me via email if you have any questions and thank you!

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