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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

THE Grey Book

As one after another member of the AOP Bureau passed away -some were in their 60s though Franklyn A. Davin-Wilson was 43 years of age when he died following an operation- the burden of running the Grey Book Project fell to me.

Notes on research and investigation as well as cases were made in a series of bulky grey covered books.  Let's not go into too long a story that I should not tell but I only managed to keep the 1990-1996 Grey Book with pages, charts and much more added to it.  By 1990 Grey Book had 'officially' ended though I was called in to offer help or advice in certain cases. These included the attempt by the Uri Geller Magazine to smuggle in "remains of a dead alien found in Isreal" amongst others.

I have been asked though, because no one is getting their hands on the contents of this book which is kept securely locked away unless I need to refer to it, "just what is in the book?"  A mess.  Seriously, notes written while going up huge conveyer belts, on trains, in cars or scribbled down as things occur or when something pertinent to research or an investigation popped up.

So, here are some snap shots without comment.

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