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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Colin Wilson's Alien Dawn....whoa!

Colin Wilson wrote, as I'm sure long time AOP blog readers will remember, probably the best book looking at poltergeist phenomena titled...Poltergeist.

I have admired his work because he is not a "jump on board the latest subject" person.  He does a lot of research and is quite knowledgeable  on a number of subjects so you always get a well balanced book. When I saw a book I was a little stumped:  "Colin Wilson wrote a book looking at alien abductions??"

firstly, this is not a new book.  The edition I have is dated 1999.  The blurb reads:

" Alien Dawn describes Colin Wilson's attempt to make sense of a vast body of documented research involving strange and unexplained phenomena, including poltergeists, lake monsters, ancient folklore, time slips, out-of-body experiences, mystical awareness, and psychic travel to other worlds. The result is a vast, complex jigsaw puzzle of encyclopedic dimensions -- the most comprehensive bird's-eye view of the subject ever undertaken, with conclusions that are sure to startle the reader."

This book is in the stack I have to read through but I scanned through it and just hoped that when Wilson concluded that alien abductions were all a modern myth or psychological aberration he did so with more credibility than others have.

I read the last lines of the book:

"And this, I suspect, is the beginning of the change that the UFOs are working on."

I read it again.  Then again. I'm looking at it right now and all 380+ pages are going to be read quicker than they were.  How -or "did"-  Wilson reach this conclusion? What data -cases was he studying? To me this is going to have to be a sooner-rather-than-later read.

I can't wait.

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