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Thursday, 5 November 2015

That Braemar, Scotland CE IIIK

Back in early September I posted the item below.  This is an up-date.

I contacted FSR and got this response from Harry (?):

 "Dear Terry, I previously read through the FSR archive relevant to this story but did not find anything on this case as I would have kept it out as something worth looking into. Tarland is your best bet, talking to older people in the area who may have heard something at the time. You would also need to find out what TA regiment it was and where they were billeted. You might be able to get a list of names and message these people on face-book, it would only take hitting one of the colleagues by chance to crack the case. It only takes narrowing down to improve your odds. I do have an entire set of UFO news clippings for Autumn 1958 so you might have luck yet. I'll take a gander tomorrow for you."

That was 24th September and nothing since.

FSR is the source of this case report and it was used as a case by Charles Bowen in The Humanoids.  However, Bowen only quoted FSR as a source and gave absolutely no original source of the report -whether a newspaper item or other.  This was reputedly the international journal of Ufology but like so many Ufologists and publications the most basic information is missing.

The Braemar has been included in many books or online posts as a "genuine" event and FSR is always quoted.

There are many early CE IIIK cases that FSR reported on as genuine, and continued to promote as genuine right up into the 1990s -decades after they knew those cases were proven psychological or hoaxes.

Unless some original source can be located I am going to have to up-date the AE CE IIIK Catalogue entry for this to "Dubious".

Was someone, perhaps, looking to create a UK version of the Flatwoods incident?


November, 1958, Braemar, Deeside, UFO Landing...and Aliens?

 Back in 1959, when this story first got attention in Flying Saucer Review , vol.5, no.3, May-June 1959, what you see in the image below was it.

This is one of the first such incidents in the UK and yet it was ignored because that is how such reports were treated unless they involved "Venusian space brothers" with messages for Mankind!

I have just emailed a number of Scottish newspapers in the hope that the witnesses can be tracked down because of the historical nature of the incident and to learn more.

If anyone reading this has contact with any local or national newspapers or news services in Scotland then please pass this on.  Thanks!

 It may seem odd that I am writing about an event so far back, however, at the time this incident received only the most basic of reporting (see attached jpeg).

 In fact, it may seem odd at all that anyone should find it of interest, however, as a meddler in astronomy amongst other subjects, it always astonished me that the old flying saucer enthusiasts would take very seriously the idea of interplanetary craft whizzing about our planet but would never seriously consider that “someone” must be flying them.

 The witnesses were, in 1958, teenagers so would now be in their sixties. Police records at that time would have been routinely destroyed every few years.  My former RAF colleagues tell me that the Air Ministry at the time were never involved.  To an historian this is awful.  This would have been one of the first such cases in the United Kingdom at a time when there was no craze to report aliens in every media.

  I would very much like to track down these two men, if still alive, or their families since the incident is said to have affected them so badly and the police were involved it is no doubt an account that has been passed along.  There is no pre-judging here, nor any attempt at ridiculing these witnesses, but it is very important that some form of account/record be made –it is too important an event to just ignore it.

 Anonymity will be strictly maintained though, of course, in any published account pseudonyms would be used.

 I can be contacted via the email given or through my address.
 My thanks in advance.

Terry Hooper-Scharf"

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