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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Haunted Skies -A National Treasure

Interesting to hear from John Hanson, one of the compilers of Haunted Skies.  John noticed, as did I, that online (Amazon and Ebay) copies of volume 2-11 are on sale for £6-7,000 (that's $13-15,000) a copy.  There are also copies for £350-700.

NOTHING special about them.  Just con-man prices being asked.

These books are a national treasure and will be the historical reference archive for historians in future who are looking into the UK UFO scene.

I cannot recommend these highly enough!

As an historian and bibliophile I only tend to recommend or purchase books that I think will contribute to my own knowledge or to add to my own data base.

If you read the "About" at the top of this page you'll see I've been involved with the strange and unexplained and this started before I had even reached the age of ten because of personal experiences.  At school I got involved in a couple of mysteries.  And while at Greenway Secondary Boys School, Southmead, Bristol, I decided that I had heard enough family talk and ghost stories -I wanted to learn more and the paranormal eventually led to my getting involved in UFOs in 1974.

So, I have read a lot.  I have seen a number of "UFO Encyclopaedia" over -too many- years. They were so-so and generally focussed a lot on the United States -or were just pot-boiler explain-it-all-away type books that tended to have the author(s) heavy slant to them.

I initially read volume 2 (1960-1965) of Haunted Skies with the ennui that decades looking at these things bring. But I was impressed.  There is a mass of information in the book and a lot of fresh information dug up by the authors -Dawn Holloway and John Hanson.  Photographs, maps, sketches and more.  When I finally put the book down I decided that I really had finished a good book -and I am buying the rest!

Haunted Skies has been set the challenge to be "The Encyclopaedia Of British UFOs" and with eleven volumes to date it certainly is turning into that.  Have I written that I highly recommend the books yet?  Well, I do!

Now if you are interested then visit the Haunted Skies web site and buy through that -there are unauthorised copies being sold by others and the authors get no money from those sales!

John Hanson  Dawn Holloway

John Hanson is a retired CID Officer in the West Midlands Police and first became interested in the UFO subject in January 1995, after colleagues sighted a UFO hovering over some trees. This was the trigger for his curiosity; prior to that the very mention of UFOs and ‘flying saucers’ was impossible for him to accept as having any reality in the modern world. The publication of ten Volumes of Haunted Skies which painstakingly catalogue thousands of reports of UFO's/Close Encounter experiences by the public from 1940 onwards, is a project that John and his partner Dawn Holloway have been working on for many years.

Their objective is to educate the public and therefore have published the books at their own expense since the inception of the project.

Notable cases covered in the ten published volumes to date include:

The David Daniels case in which a man who alleged he was an alien actually met up with Admiral Lord Hill-Norton and Ralph Noyes, former head of the MOD.

An investigation into the Rendlesham Forest incident of December 1980, including amazing photographic anomalies from Rendelsham Forest itself.

The Rendlesham Forest incident will also be the subject of a future book looking at events from Colonel Halt's angle.

Eventually, Hanson and Holloway will have provided valuable historical volumes showing that Britain truly had Haunted Skies!

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