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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Well, That 1930s Incident DOES Exist....But Braemar...

I  asked for help in tracking this case down:

1930 (approx date) - 2130 hrs

Alexander Irvine and a friend were walking in Smiddy Lane when they saw a white light like a meteor. This light brightened and in it a number of figures could be seen moving around. It was regarded locally as the prevision of a nun’s death.
Note (TH): book published 1937 so contemporary not modern take on event.  Awaiting copy of book.
  • MacGregor 1955 p200.

Well, no help.  But what can you expect?  It seems everyone was quoting IntCat or Jerome Clark, and Clark got his info from IntCat. Dogma repeated is still dogma.

So,I put my hand in my pocket and bought a copy of the only book it might possibly be since the reference cited by IntCat is all that is given.

Book arrived. It IS the source though interpretation of what happened is open.  What book? What are the details?  You will have to wait until MY book is published.

This week alone I have corrected -by going to the original sources- 30 reports from Ufology to "cryptozoology" and the reason I know the 'experts' have never read the sources cited is because in the same paragraphs of some are even more events that they would have jumped on.

Do you know how many Ufologists/"cryptozoologists" and others want me to tell them what I find out -these are people who CONSTANTLY quote the sources- thirty (30) all of whom have spouted in word and writing the same incredibly inaccurate 'facts' for decades.

So we know they DO NOT carry out real research.

Oh, and the 1958 Braemar, Deeside CE IIIK incident seems to have been a someone at FSR who never thought anyone would check.  And the bat-winged entity from Kent in my book I'll show just how complicit FSR was in misleading readers over that one.

We haven't been lied to by World Governments" on UFOs all these decades: we have been lied to by the false "truth-seekers" and still are. 
Oh,liked the illo above of the 1963 Hythe "Bat Winged Beast" (though it is inaccurate) but no idea who drew it.  If you do please let me know!

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