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Friday, 11 December 2015

Mystery Drilling Heard Across South Bristol -Mystery! SOLVED

According to the Bristol Post "hundreds" were kept away. I think they'll find that might be thousands considering the area affected.  I remember when regional newspapers had late night "graveyard shift" reporters who would go out on stories like this.

Seems no one wants to get off their asses or take charge these days -locals have to go investigate.

Listen to the video but even at max volume it won't give you the right effect!

VIDEO: Listen to the deafening drilling that kept hundreds of Bristol residents up at 4am

By L_Churchill  |  Posted: December 11, 2015

Hundreds of Bristol residents had a sleepless night after deafening drilling sound

Hundreds of Bristol residents were woken up by a loud drilling sound that went on for hours.
People living up to two miles away from the racket coming from South Liberty Lane in Ashton were disturbed by the noise.

Others nearer the mystery works said they physically felt their homes shake with the vibrations from the drilling.

Jeweller Gary Tremlett was woken up at around 2am and after an hour of the constant blast got up and out of bed to trace the noise.

The father-of-one said he finally tracked it to an area near the railway line and travellers' site where he met another enraged resident.

"It was an absolute nightmare and just continued on for hours," said Gary.

"It woke me up from a mile-and-a-half away and I heard it through our double glazing.

"It was just horrendous and I felt so sorry for the travellers nearby – all their lights were on in their mobile homes.

"I just could not believe it so I started videoing it. Another man who had traced it called the police it was that bad.

"My wife put something on Facebook and a lady who lives a bit closer in a bungalow said her home was actually vibrating.

When this started at just after Midnight I thought at first emergency rail line work just up the lane from me. I even opened windows at 0300 to see if any night lights were on over by the tracks. Nothing. Vibration got quite bad. It almost sounded like heavy quarry drilling or mine-working (we have an old closed mine at the back of the estate).

 0415 -after 4 hours it stops. No house lights on, no sign of police trying to find the source (it was heard right across South Bristol) and the nuisance police helicopter that loves to fly low over us for an hour or so? No sign of it tonight.

So what was it?

Police say they don't know??

Local council has no idea???

No one,it seems has any idea. Some very tired and pissed off Bristolians (and non-Bristolians) this morning.

But there was an "interesting" side to this if you are a bit weird.

 It was interesting in one way in way I experienced some side effects from infra sound. I fell asleep then woke scared that something short and humanoid was running through the front gate! And it was a crystal clear dream.  Then something 'weird' but undefined -a noise?-  was going on. Something spooked me! But nothing was there.

One study has suggested that infra-sound may cause feelings of awe or fear in humans. It also was suggested that since it is not consciously perceived, it may make people feel vaguely that odd or supernatural events are taking place. 

Luckily I knew this and the drilling made me realize what must be happening, even if unexpected, but did not lessen the effect. 

Must be more than a few rattled people about today.

And now it is solved....but the official attitude is "Who gives a ****?"


Network Rail has apologised after waking hundreds of Bristol residents with a loud drilling sound that went on for hours.

People from as far as Knowle West, Hartcliffe and Southville reported being affected by the noise and vibrations of work taking place in the Ashton area.

Frustrated residents even got out of bed after hours of the racket in a bid to trace the source of drilling, which took place between 2am and 5am on Friday.

Network Rail has confirmed that the deafening clatter coming from the south of the housing at South Liberty Lane was its making.

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