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Friday, 11 December 2015

Why My Books Need Another Publisher!

After this I really need to rest!

I have tried everything I can since 2010 to promote and publicise the "Phenomena" books -Some Things Strange & Sinister, Some More Things Strange and Sinister and Pursuing The Strange And Weird: A Naturalist's Viewpoint -and not forgetting the other book with over 40 years worth of work -The Red Paper: Canids.

Those who have read the books say they were "blown away" or highly impressed at the amount of research and the subjects covered.  Sadly, that does not sell books.

Neither do great covers. The original SMTS&S had a great colour cover of the 1st November,1954, Rosa Lotti-Dainelli CE IIIK in a cemetery in Poggio d'Ambra, Italy. I loved that cover, however, after a few months removed it for the simple reason that I could find no artist credit anywhere.  I believe it was a 1950s painting but if I was going to use it then it had to be credited.

Anyway, in 2016 I need to find a paying publisher for the books. No idea which company or even if anyone will be interested in the books but I need to earn a living and the books just ain't selling.

Anything happens I'll post here but if you are a book publisher I am here!

quick up-date.  My notes have the credit for the image:  Artist was Walter Molino’s impression of the incident, from the cover of the Nov. 14, 1954 issue of “La Domenica del Corriere,” an illustrated Sunday supplement to the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera.

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