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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A stick is a stick is a stick.

Apparently, "BillyBigfoot" wants to argue about the stick he found in woods (see the last post).

Firstly, I do NOT enter into correspondence with people using false names. If "BillyBigfoot" wants to discuss anything he needs to identify himself.  Otherwise -NO.

Secondly, I think it says a great deal about the fictional UK wild-man hysteria that someone picks up a stick and insists it's a "Bigfoot" stick used for tree-knocking communication.  Why? Because it was found in woodland.  It's a stick. Does it mean if I find two twigs on the ground they are Bigfoot chopsticks?

There are no UK wild-men nor Bigfoot type hominids.  And I am not going to argue because someone who needs a life found a stick and it has become his greatest piece of evidence. A stick is a stick is a stick.

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