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Monday, 9 May 2016

NO ONE Hoaxed The Barking Beast of Bath (unless it was all in their minds)

I see. Thank you to the person who contacted me after my last posting.

It appears that, almost 40 years later, someone is attempting to claim that they were behind the whole "Barking Beast of Bath" event. It was "done for a laugh".  If this is true then allow me to say straight away that this person(s) are attempting to commit a hoax now.  Why? I have no idea but they would not be the first.  Two previous persons attempted to claim hoaxer status but in front of two eye witnesses to events and three journalists they were exposed.

There are certain aspects of the investigation and evidence found and recorded not in the account published on this blog nor in my book Some Things Strange and Sinister.  But let's look at the witness evidence.  Two police officers quite clearly saw an adult chimpanzee (I can even tell you the animals sex) and are on the record as having done so. Two other people (including one never identified but an expert in primatology) clearly saw the animal in question: one followed it while keeping a safe distance while waiting for police.

Someone "borrowed" a chimp for a hoax?  No. The witness observations as well as the traces found and measured show this was not the case.  No letting a chimp go, be seen the grabbing it and driving it off to leave a "mystery".

You see, at the time I knew students at various universities in Bristol and Bath, including one well known joker and they all checked on the possibility of a student prank.  It was ruled out and I know exactly why it was not a student prank.

Whoever is claiming to have hoaxed the event and for whatever reason obviously has no idea of any detail of the investigation or how thorough it was.  Nor that we (yes, not just me) knew whose chimp this was.

Please come forward with your proof your evidence and your story.  If it's true why hide behind rumours and false name?

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