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Monday, 13 June 2016

Mountain Monsters What Happens Next??

On next weeks episode of Mountain Monsters: While Trapper is coordinating the gathered evidence in the AIMS secret HQ it comes under attack from the mysterious Shadow Group that has been stalking the team and which killed The Stonish Giant sasquatch in Harrison County in Ohio (covered here: 

Trapper, injured since the life threatening operation that has kept him at base most of this series, sets fire the AIMS HQ to prevent its data being taken.  He is then seen falling to the ground after automatic gunfire rings out.

Meanwhile, the team find themselves trapped in a time vortex having been deliberately led into it by more of the Phantom Group.  Waking they find that they are in Tombstone on Tuesday 25th Octyober, 1881 -the day before the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  Jeff reveals that this is the time and place that the wood witch told him he would die.  In turmoil, the AIMS team have to find some way home before the gunfight but things get more complicated when the Clantons refer to Buck as "Wyatt Earp".  

Five minutes before the 3 pm shoot-out on the 26th a detour to get out of Tombstone mysteriously leads the team straight into the OK Corrall and facing the Clanton gang.  As gun fire begins there is chaos and Jeff and Huckleberry are seen falling. Wild Bill and Willy seem to vanish and Buck faces down the barrels of the Clanton gang guns.


of course, I could just be giving the series some credibility there. :-)

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