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Sunday, 12 June 2016

We Need To Find The Hard Core Cases That Defy Explanation!

You know how I wrote that I had no doubt that the preliminary original research notes on the Whiddon Down and Mdme X cases would be ripped off as 'original research' by the gutter elements that infest the internet?

It's happening.

Use one of my original illustrations without express written permission and they'll soon see how 'untouchable' they are under law.

But you have to expect these things. I posted that item specifically for a friend who was interested but I see it has achieved a record number of views.  You realise I have books out there full of weird and strange cases?

Seriously, pop over here and get the quick read but do not support the person who has written the posts.  Not a single comment.   If -if- you have a curious mind and really want to avoid the sensationalist nonsense full of un-referenced and unnamed sources that the well known writers like to churn out because they think most people are dopes -"If I say a yellow and blue spotted, ten tentacled octopus attacked 30 people in Times Square in 2013 but no one has heard about it because of a cover up -the dopes WILL believe me!"

A chunky, seriously researched, well illustrated book giving facts and details is something you can refer to time and again and get full details from. My books always tell people how they, too, can look into mysteries but also find local ones that may be unknown or forgotten beyond or even within their own areas.  Wouldn't that put me out of a job?  No. What it might achieve, though, is the uncovering of more cases -perhaps explainable but only by looking at those can we get to the real hardcore cases -those that seemingly defy explanation!

That is something anyone can do -even if confined through illness.  If you have internet access you really can find these cases.

If my books, and hopefully the blog, prove one thing I hope it is that.

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