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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Either Use Your Real Name And Put Forward A Counter-Argument Or SHUT UP.

It's always nice to see how the tiny mind works.  So, checking the ISP, this is the same jerk who JUST opened an account ("June 2016") to really cut me up badly. "Ghostguy" has absolutely no information or postings which shouts out "COWARD!"  Oh...ditto (Ghostguy that means "the same as") "Unknown".

Oh look!  They BOTH (well...) posted at 08:28.....WOW.

Here are the comments:

What a horribly written article. Basic writing mechanics are clearly absent on I Believe That Ghost Adventures Has "Lost It" 
 at 08:28
What a poorly written article. Basic writing mechanics are clearly absent. on I Believe That Ghost Adventures Has "Lost It"
Unknown  at 08:28

No, hang on....that is the same No, it can't be because in one it reads "horribly" and the other reads "poorly".  I mean, how low an IQ would you need to be that dumb?

Now, had this person (without hiding like a coward) countered my arguments then fair enough. What you see here is someone who cannot argue with what I wrote.  Ghost Adventures is pure fakery -simple as that. Paranormal Lockdown (with Nick Groff) is so lame I ignored it after episode 3.

You see, there are a certain set of quotes that this type of person uses because somewhere in that weak brain something says "this'll cut him up bad!"  He may actually be touching himself right now in excitement.  No idea.  You see, I have 40+ years of writing for magazines and journals and I also have five books behind me and a ton of editorial work. The best our 'genius' could come up with was to change a word in the same sentence and post at the same time and leave a trail right back to the "poster".



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