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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Books For Lovers Of The Strange and weird!

Yes, folks, just a few of the things I've investigated are included in these books -all fully referenced and including photographs and illustrations once thought lost.
Canids, in the form of foxes, I'm still studying -and learning!

The Red Paper: Canids -Foxes, Wolves, Jackals and Coyotes in the UK

 One for those interested in Wildlife -or cryptozoology!
The Red Paper:CANINES vol.1
 Terry Hooper
The Red Paper: Canids
A4 (21 x 30cms)
202 Pages 
Photographs, illustrations and maps
Price: £10.29
Ships in 3–5 business days

By the 1700s the British fox was on the verge of extinction and about to follow the bear and wolf having been hunted for sport for centuries. 
The answer was to import thousands of foxes per year for sport. But foxes kept dying out so jackals were tried. Some were caught, some escaped. Even wolves and coyote were released for hunting and "country folk" were very far from "happy" -some even threatening local hunts -one intending to release a wolf for a hunt- with legal and other consequences.
The summation of over 40 years research by the noted naturalist and former UK police forces exotic wildlife consultant reveals the damnable lie of "pest control" hunting but also reveals the cruelty the animals were subject to and how private menageries as well as travelling shows.
Private menageries, or single exotic "pets" as well as travelling shows helped provide the British and Irish countryside with some incredible events such as the 1905 "vampiric" sheep killer of Badminton, the mystery hounds of Cavan and Coyotes of Epping Forest.
The Girt Dog of Ennerdale is also dealt with in detail -was it a tiger? A Tasmania Thylacine? This book gives the exact facts and details for the first time.
Up-dated 2013 edition includes a section on sarcoptic mange in foxes and treatment plus a list of wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centres in the UK.

Some Things Strange & Sinister (2013 -up-dated)

Some Things Strange & Sinister
A4 Format
358 pages
Heavily illustrated
Price: £15.00
Ships in 3–5 business days

After more than 40 years as an investigator and more than fifty as a naturalist,the author has opened some of the many files he has accumulated dealing with such things as.. 
The Terrifying Events At The Lamb Inn, The Ghosts Of All Saints Church, Dead Aquatic Creatures of Canvey Island, captured bigfoot like creatures in India -all exclusively presented for the first time and with new added research previously unseen. 
PLUS a vastly expanded section on Spring-heeled Jack! 
Photographs, maps, line drawings and up-dated to make 358 pages looking at Things truly Strange and Sinister. 
Cryptozoologist,Ghost Hunter,Ufologist or Fortean:this book has something for everyone -including the just plain inquisitive! 
Foreword by Travis L. Whitehurst
        de occultis non judicat ecclesia                                                                    
        The Bristol Rocking Horse
        The Terrifying Events At The Lamb Inn
        The Coonian Ghost
        The Ghosts Of All Saints Church
        His Luminous Chamber
        The Late Reverend Dr. Blomberg
        And More Ghost Stories
        The Thomas B. Cumpston Case
        The Chupacabra
        The Strange Case Of The Gotherington Gargoyle
        What’s Tall,Hairy And Vanishes?
        Mystery Beasts Of Ireland
        The Creature Of The Dump
        The Strange Creature Of Repton Woods
        The Bizarre Legends,Crimes And Truth About Spring Heeled Jack
        The Black Beast Of Darmstadt
        The Nameless Thing Of Berkley Square
        The Terrifying Case Of The U.S. Naval Transport
        The Case Of The Ghost Lear Jet
        Ghost Planes,Crashes And Dead Aquatic Creatures
        The Mitchison Loch Ness Monster Video
        From The Deep Below To The Air Above –USOs
        Aerial Encounters Over Austria
        A Crashed UFO In 1790?
        Angel Hair
        Quimper-Corentin:Where “Thunder Fell”
        Strange Aliens From Space
        The Llandrillo ‘Saucer’ And Other Crash Retrievals
        Transient Lunar Phenomena,Alien Structures And Moon Vegetation
        Whiddon Down-Saint-Jean-du-Guard:Impossible Correlations?
        The Venezuelan Horror
A Final Word.

Alleged piece of crashed UFO from Berwyn Mountains, Wales.

 Some More Things Strange & Sinister 

Some More Things Strange & Sinister

Terry Hooper-Scharf
327 Pages 
Heavily illustrated
Price: £15.00
Ships in 3–5 business days

Follow-up to the hugely successful Some Things Strange & Sinister.
For those interested in Ufology, cryptozoology, hominology, unusual natural history, ghosts and mysteries in general.
The secret history of gorillas in the UK -before they were officially  'discovered'. The history of  the Wild men of Europe, the UK and US: something that in the 1800s become very "pop culture"  Very pop culture and totally forgotten today!
Hominology. Sasquatch and Bigfoot -is there evidence for their existence?  No sitting on the fence here -the Patterson-Gimlin film is looked at as well as other evidence.  The Author's conclusions? You might be surprised.
Giant snakes. Amazons. The Giant serpent of Carthage. The Girt Dog of Ennerdale -another big cult 'creature' amongst paranormal and cryptozoological circles. The Beast of Gevaudan -what was it and were there really descendents of the creature in the 19th century -one of which was actually brought to London? 
 Believe it or not more than one incident of historical crocodiles cases in the UK.  In fact, far more than even the Author had thought .
And, after more than a century of claims by 'researchers' that it no longer exists: The Silent City of Alaska and the near legendary 'lost' photograph taken of it.
 This and much more. Updated with extra pages and photographs.

Pursuing The Strange And Weird -A Naturalist's Viewpoint (2014 up-date)

Pursuing The Strange & Weird:A Naturalists Viewpoint

Terry Hooper-Scharf
249 Pages
Price: £15.00
Ships in 3-5 business days.

UP DATE -From Dead Aquatic (Humanoid) Creatures, the giant squid and yet undiscovered sea creatures; submarine and ships crews encountering true leviathans.
There is a fully expanded section which also refers to the so-called ‘Ningen’ sightings and video footage.
Extinct animals at sea that have been re-discovered. The subject of Sasquatch and other mystery Hominids around the world is dealt with including a look at the “Sasquatch-killer”, Justin Smeja.
Dr. Bryan Sykes and his DNA test results for TVs The Bigfoot Files as well as the controversial Erickson Project and Dr. Melba Ketchum’s Even more controversial Sasquatch DNA test results.
Also included are two early French UFO entity cases that still baffle. Ghosts, strange creatures and the Star-Child hoax. All dealt with by the naturalist and pursuer of the strange and weird

  The Bizarre Legends, Crimes And Truth About Spring Heeled Jack (2014

The Truth About Spring-Heeled Jack  
Terry Hooper-Scharf

53 Pages 
 Dimensions (centimetres) 20.98 wide x 29.69 tall  (A4)
fully illustrated and referenced
Price: £7.00
Ships in 3–5 business days

The terror and mystery created by “Jack The Ripper” has been the subject of countless books, magazine articles as well as movies and TV documentaries. Ask anyone if they have ever heard of Jack The Ripper and it is doubtful anyone would respond with a “no idea.” 
By that same token, ask people who “Spring-heeled Jack” was and you would be lucky to find anyone who had ever heard of him. 
Spring-heeled Jack was the subject (loosely) of a film The Curse of the Wraydons (1946) and Dominic Keating also appeared as Spring Heeled Jack in the 2010 film Sherlock Holmes by The Asylum film company. The character has also featured in both American and British comic books and a number of books, for both children and adults. 
But the fact that the Springald held the country –not just London– in a grip of terror much longer that the Ripper did is all but forgotten except for some half-truths and fanciful theories. 
Now be prepared to read the full story of Spring Heeled Jack


  1. I've enjoyed reading all of these books now, Terry. Thanks. It is just like hearing you telling me the story, you've written them with your voice ! The Nameless Thing of Berkley Square is still my favourite - though the Springheeled Jack 'Report' is also very interesting as I think you have hit the right conclusion to that on going mystery.

  2. Well, being THE unquestionable expert on everything how could I get it wrong?? Seriously: glad you enjoyed the books. Tried looking at Japanese mysteries but everything is in....JAPANESE -what's that about??? Hang on...I can hear...faint...almost a dragging like sound...coming up the stairs....I DONT HAVE STAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, it's just your imagination... you must have ready 'Daddy' from the Phantom Detective collection of short stories... it'll give you nightmares...