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Sunday, 17 July 2016

"The case was looked at by none other than Jacques Vallee which makes it near unquestionably fact!"

Someone attempted to get me into an argument over certain "classic" UFO cases. They lost as soon as they wrote:

"The case was looked at by none other than Jacques Vallee which makes it near unquestionably fact!"


You see, to myself and my late friend and colleague Franklyn A. Davin-Wilson, the Frenchman was a bit of a hero. A lone scientist standing up to question the scientific establishment regarding the facts and truths about UFOs.  How could you go wrong?

As proven by posts on this blog, certain 'factual' historical and other events involving 'UFOs' or "some other force" never happened.  Some were just tall tales, faery tales and outright hoaxes -in the case of hoaxes, Vallee was still citing those cases in his last works.

When it came down to collating every UFO report we could get our hands on (sadly, Franklyn died in 1983 so this became a one man project) for the Grey Book Report there were books that were dismissed within an hour.

Desmond Leslie, former editor of The Flying Saucer Review seemed to be almost incapable of stating a simple fact.  If he wrote "Every 24 hours the sun rises" I'd need to check that out because if he stated it was a fact it must be questionable!  What original sources quoted that really did have a date and time matching what Leslie wrote...well. A "manned classic flying saucer with multiple lights maneuvering over Rome" was, in source, "a spear crossed above the city" ("spear" and similar terms meant meteors).

It was assumed that Vallee was above reproach since he advocated close scrutiny of all cases. Wrong. His quoting a known hoaxer such as Foglio but never checking the sources given was akin, to me, with being hit over the knuckles with a hammer.  A one off. fact, far, far more than a mere "one off".

As I showed in my books -with references and sources quoted and having been checked- particularly Some Things Strange & Sinister and later in my other books, Vallee fell from grace. Hard.

Quimper-Corentin, France,  1620: never happened as Vallee described.

Alencon, France, 1790: UFO and entity case -never happened and no report in the archives of the French Academy of Sciences as Vallee claimed:and he could have checked!

And to still use known hoax cases and cases proven to have other explanations and cite them as evidence to back up his personal theories.  Unforgivable.

But, and again, I have posted and written about this, there are other "highly regarded and credible" Ufologists -European and American- who have used as 'evidence' cases they have never looked into nor done research on.

I have seen,on television as well as on You tube available documentaries, some of today's "top" UFO 'experts' cite the Thomas Mantell case as still being the death of a USAAF pilot dying while pursuing an "alien craft".  Utter bull-shit.  How and why Mantell died we know. It was tragic but down to human error -error on Mantell's part.  But if the person saying Mantell died pursuing an alien craft is an 'expert' (I call them "fraudsters") and on, the Public is not going to query that or get off its collective fat arses and go do some research to find out the truth.

These are the days when most 'factual' programmes on TV are faked -"cast" as well as "writers" are listed but it's 'factual' because "This program is intended for entertainment purposes only" at the beginning is "just legal stuff"....yes. Legal stuff for a reason.

TV: Mountain Monsters -Fake.  Ghost Adventures -Fake.  Ghost Hunters and its spin-offs -Fake.  Fact or Faked -Fake.  Haunted Highway -Faked.  Haunted Collector -SO Faked. My Ghost story -Faked  it goes on and on.  Because "artistic license" allows for more entertainment with special effects, actors and so on.

Look at the factual programme -Finding Bigfoot. "But they never find Bigfoot!" Well, yes. Because Bigfoot does not pop out for a group of people with film crews and who make a LOT of noise.  And tree-knocks and calls are not evidence of a Bigfoot being there.  It simply means that, somewhere in the forest, other Bigfoot investigators who also keep their work and where they are going "very close to the chest" have heard tree-knocking and calls and respond!

There are locations where Bigfoot activity is regular but a few days in an area is NOT going to get you a glimpse of Bigfoot.  It takes a long period of time and financial backing.  Something you are not going to get so "fake it" with other programmes.

And if people believe that the faked programmes and 'experts' are real and every house, hotel, bar has a demonic presence/gateway or portal to Hell/little girl ghost blah blah blah then they'll believe in "the Goatman" or the "Pigman" or evil gnomes and so much more including that Grey aliens are abducting billions a year.

All this makes Vallee's claims, of course, seem very tame and scientific. Of course, compared to the Rex Dutta's and Peter Fischer's (aka Peter Paget) of Ufology he does seem to be a scientist beyond reproach.  But, sadly, egotism, very poor research and the willingness to jump straight into a theory or theories (I'm not quite sure WHAT he believes in these days) and push them on the gullible who, again, do not check for themselves, makes him a credible ufologist only on his own book cover blurb (and if I read once more how he inspired a character in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind I will scream).

The only way we will be able to find the true cases, the raw data needed to sort fact from fiction and be able say "Look. Here is the evidence. Read and take it from here" is by throwing out the fakery and very -VERY- poor research.

As Franklyn Davin-Wilson said: "Check the source given.  Then check the source that the source gives. If it all tallies and you have spoken to the original source or seen it -then use it"

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